Grasshopper progress

Yes, it’s official.  I love being a wife 🙂

And something else good has happened.  I can now walk across the yard, through the popcorn (of grasshoppers — trust me, I like real popcorn WAY better!) without screaming or yelping or freezing in fear!  Well, almost.  Sometimes they jump higher than 2 feet and that’s NOT funny and I am NOT impressed when they do that and I do tend to emit sounds then, but for the most part, I can handle them now.  Sort of.  I take great delight in torturing them.  My cousin and I were painting the garage yesterday.  A grasshopper was stupid enough to get close to me and my paintbrush.  I was brave enough to paint him blue.  *insert evil laugh*

Joanna, send Ben & Sherri over.  They’ll never go hungry here!


3 thoughts on “Grasshopper progress

  1. Yes, I fully agree with all your descriptions and reactions to those hopping critters. When you described things, I could FULLY identify. You must be my daughter or something?!!

    Talking about freezing in fear. Try walking between 2 stores (in the open) and having hundreds of gulls fly over your head. I FROZE in fear because I also was hearing MANY splats all around me!!!! I didn’t get a splat on me, thankfully, but next time, I will run for cover instead of freezing!!

    I guess we each have our own moments, eh?? “This too shall pass”?!

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