Annoying keyboards…

Well…I was going to post…but the keyboard is doing funny things and making funny little French symbols instead of what I need, so this will be a short post.

Harvest has started!  I spent the afternoon with Grandma & Grandpa, picking blueberries, and part of the evening hauling grain with Jerry.  It was nice to pick berries.  Strange to come and go from their place…I am not used to that!  But I LIKE it!  And I enjoyed being with Jerry tonight and helping him unload, even if I did come back all dusty and itchy from the grain dust!


4 thoughts on “Annoying keyboards…

  1. Maybe I should clarify – I’m missing the fun of harvest and driving truck and being at the Farm. I’m not missing the tired, dirty, sweaty part. Although there’s something memorable about going to bed after a 17 hour day.

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