April & Andrew Reporting! How’s THIS for exciting?

Officially courting!Aug 30-2009


53 thoughts on “April & Andrew Reporting! How’s THIS for exciting?

  1. WHAT?!??!?!?! NO WAY!!!!! You never told ME about this!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Thanks. Appreciate you spicing up my blog a little!

    Now, to wait for Mrs. G to wake up and check my blog…. πŸ™‚

    (I figured I post as a comment, not as a post, in order to keep yours at the top for a bit!)

  2. Thanks! Maybe you should email Mrs. G and tell her to look at your blog, cause I’ve got people posting on my facebook and I haven’t even announced it there yet!

  3. well, well, well…… not quite what I expected! LOL!

    Congratulations! Somedays I wondered…. πŸ™‚

    That truly spiced some things up!

    Do the Steels know yet?

  4. My brother has a GIRLFRIEND?!?!?! Sweetness!

    Yes, Mrs. G, Steele do know. Mrs. Steele was reading between lines on certain blog comments between two certain people!

  5. Yes, and we get to enjoy the sparkle and smiles radiating from a very happy young lady in person!! πŸ™‚ –and even smell the roses that are sprinkled around here πŸ™‚

  6. The smiles are contagious!!!
    The Steeles are all smiling! Very happy for you, Andrew and April.

    And now that your secret is out, April…. how about those pics that Lois had you bound and gagged over? Remember?…. when you were chaperon being bribed with dill pickle chips?

    They are married now…. might be fun to see the pics… and videos!!!

    Andrew? Pull some strings with April! πŸ˜›

  7. Ya, I guess I could possibly pull some strings. The only thing is, I don’t know what kind of incriminations are involved in said videos. I’m still related to Mrs. Jerry Eagles, y’know. I still have to be a little bit careful.

  8. LOL! It’s great to be back! Now, where DID I store those video clips? And how do you know for sure that I ever had any?!? And like someone else said, “I still have to be a little bit careful too.” “Cause I’m still related to Mrs. Jerry Eagles’ husband!”

  9. April: If I’m related to Mrs. Jerry Eagles, and April is related to Mrs. Jerry Eagles’ husband, then does that mean that we’re related??!!

  10. I think I heard about those videos, Lois. My address is ________________. Mail them by COD, expedited, please and thank you! I’ll send you a bribe, er, cheque in the mail.

  11. It is fun to have secrecy – it’s even funner to announce a secret. Actually, the best part is just before you announce the secret, right April?!! πŸ˜€

  12. Andrew, how much is the bribe? These are WORTH something, after all.

    And Mrs. G and Mrs. Steele — yup, your co-conspirators are too busy talking on the phone and on Skype, and texting to make trouble!

  13. Oh, don’t worry we will still join in the fun. Someone is gone on a canoe trip this weekend or else, my guess is that, this blog would have be hopping! I’m still willing and able to cause some trouble Mrs. G. Your co-conspirators haven’t vanished they’ve just been… a little distracted.

  14. ??????????????FUNNER????? !!!!!!!!

    Andrew!!!! I am shocked!!!! You must be very much NOT yourself. You impressed us a few months ago with your big words …… but “FUNNER?!”

    I would love to hear the story of the time before the announcement that was so much “more fun”! πŸ˜€

    And Mrs. G… I agree with you…. secrets eat you up!!! Mr. and Mrs. Eagles, Andrew and April will all be much free-er if the secrets are all unloaded!

  15. [i]Andrew!!!! I am shocked!!!! You must be very much NOT yourself. You impressed us a few months ago with your big words …… but β€œFUNNER?!”[/i]
    I do believe his mind was on something else at the time, a certain person perhaps? πŸ˜›

  16. I concur with Mrs. Steel and Tim! hmmm…. well… I’m better off not saying what was coming to mind… πŸ™‚ self-control! (have to – gave a devotional about it tonight!

  17. If thou wouldst dare to give negative comments about the state which I am in at this moment in the history of the universe, be prepared for revenge, retaliation, and retribution. Thou wouldst not poke a sleeping bear and expect to escape unscathed – yet thou seest no difficulty in poking fun at a man in the throes of logiclessness. BEWARE! The danger is equal. And therein lies the conundrum – namely, how is it, that a man, who otherwise is normally full of logic, sense, commonsense, pride, and prejudice (had to throw that in there), can so completely lose that which he had, and stoop to using words like “funner” “logiclessness”, etc? If thou canst answer this question, then please, by all means, do us the courtesy of imparting of your wisdom for those of us who have none left!!!


  18. Easy! You’re twitterpated! AND in the midst of this… somewhere, you’ve put on the rose colored glasses of life! Enjoy! It had to happen at one point or another!


    It’s brain fog! Your choice!

  19. Mrs Steele, the time before the announcement was fun because we spent so much time trying to figure out how to let the world know that we are officially courting. We wanted to do it just right, and we had a lot of fun in the process. Plus there’s an element of fun in knowing something that lots of people don’t know, and in trying to decide how to let them know!

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you are enjoying life!!

    And yes, you proved to us that you are still able to “wax eloquent” … MOSTLY!! The ‘funnerestness’ of it all, though, still shines through!

    Enjoy the ‘twitterpatedness’, but do strive to maintain your ‘logicalness’.

    Wisdom is much needed in such important parts of life!

  21. Hey there, my Darling Little Sister: I know where you live, and I have friends and cousins over there. I warn you – BE CAREFUL! Don’t laugh at my girlfriend! She is a very special person!

    And yes, Mrs Steele, I think we are still holding to some degree of logicalness. Logically speaking, twitterpatedness and logiclessness go together. But we are asking God for wisdom, and we are surrendering it to Him along the way. He must remain our focus, or we will go astray. With His help, we desire to make wise decisions which will bring honor and glory to Him, separately and together.

  22. Good job! Glad to hear that your wisdom has not ALL gone out the window with the romance in the air!

    And I don’t think that Lois was laughing at the girlfriend…. I thought rather that she was laughing at the BOYfriend! That would be YOU! πŸ™‚

  23. Hey there, my Darling Big Brother who is extremely overprotective: I know where you live, and I have many, MANY friends there too — ones I worked with and for and they like me. I warn YOU — BE CAREFUL!!! Don’t threaten your darling little sister! She is a very special person too (just ask Jerry)
    Listen to the WISDOM of Mrs. Steele! Your sister was laughing WITH your girlfriend (call her and ask if we laughed TOGETHER on the phone yesterday), and your sister was also laughing AT the BOYfriend — YOU!

  24. Mrs Steele, PLEASE, Lois doesn’t need any defending. Who’s side are you on anyway? I know she started this blog, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so nice to her! She’s human, and she does make mistakes.

    Thanks Mrs G., I think Lois and I will have to settle this ourselves. We’ll let you know when the dust has settled!

    Don’t make me come to VV, darling little sis. You and your excuses. As if my girlfriend would laugh AT me. The very idea is preposterous and outlandish and ridiculous!! She is my FRIEND, my GIRLFRIEND. Why on earth would she laugh at me? Friends are supposed to respect each other, back each other up, and defend each other against the cruel, vicious world of interfering family and friends who laugh and mock at us.

    Besides, since when have I given you permission to laugh at me??!! Especially in public!

  25. I suppose this is where the girlfriend is suppose to sweep in and gracefully defend herself and explain the situation. Alas, this is where this girlfriend is going to make her exit with Mrs. G.

  26. Hadn’t meant to choose sides… I was just pointing out who it was that I thought was being laughed at.

    I think I will follow the fine example of April and Mrs. G……

  27. wow! 46 comments… ummm… Lois… while you’re “working” this out with your dear brother… you could start a new post for the rest of us πŸ™‚ OR… ok – never mind – this is how it started.. asking for April to post videos and pictures…. sigh….

  28. Andrew, please remember I DID start this blog, and I CAN block your comments anytime I so choose! And by the way, Mrs. Steele is nice to me ’cause she loves me. πŸ™‚

    As for your girlfriend laughing at you…well, she didn’t deny it. Can’t argue with the facts now, can ya?!

    And I’m off to type the new post I was mentally writing in my head on the way back from town yesterday….

  29. Well, well, well. April, I think we need to talk. Just when I thought some loyalty was happening, I find out that my sister is more important than I am. Wait a minute – who’s courting who, now anyway? I don’t take it kindly when people laugh at me. Tsk, tsk.

    Mrs Steele, thank you for liking me. I like you too. But, that still doesn’t erase your previous comments (the content of which I have permanently blocked from my mind). May God grant mercy to you. Maybe a request for forgiveness would be in order…

  30. Just for the record and so every knows… Andrew and I did talk and we had a great laugh together. Yup, I was laughing at him, but he laughed that I laughed. All is well! I could make a comment on the word logicalessness, but I think I’ll just leave it. I like him that way!

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