Boredom… April? Help? ;)

Thanks for telling us how to fix this crazy keyboard, little brother.  Your French cousin changed it on us, I think.  At least, he knew how to fix it for us too!

Blogs…grasshoppers…crazy keyboards….how boring can life get? …  I wonder where April is?  I wonder if she would do me a favor and post something interesting on my blog…  Something that would draw people’s attention…  If it was interesting enough, and there were many visits and comments, maybe I could even charge royalties or loyalties or whatever they’re called…..




4 thoughts on “Boredom… April? Help? ;)

  1. so – It’s official…. you’ve given permission for April to post some pictures that were banned? or…. share some secrets? hmmm….. Yes – I’m SURE I heard permission granted…

    Go, April! Go, April!

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