Well, April and Andrew, I greatly appreciate your help in spicing up my blog a little!  It worked, and man, was it fun!  Even more so for you guys, I’m sure!

Next time I want to spice it up, maybe I’ll pull the baby card….we’ll see 🙂  (hahahaha — bet THAT’LL get you all going now!)

I drove home from town yesterday rejoicing and feeling like I had accomplished MAJORLY and conquered the world.  Why?  Well, I came out of town on the road I haven’t used since about August 20.  I smoothly coasted to a stop at the stop sign at the top of a hill, waited for a vehicle to go past, noted the truck waiting behind me, checked that the road was clear, then gradually pulled out onto the main road and accelerated up to the posted speed by the time I would have normally.  Normally.  As I would have done if I were driving an automatic vehicle.

You see, Jerry’s 4Runner is a standard.  With that stick in the middle of the truck that I’m supposed to work while I’m driving, and that extra pedal down on the floor for my right foot — the foot I’ve been instructed NEVER to use while driving lest you develop bad habits!  I’ve driven standard before.  About once a year, before Dad puts the camper on the truck.  Then I don’t touch it again till the next summer.  (unless I beg McTom to let me drive his standard car at school, and then he declares I drive like a grandma!)  So this last month has been a major learning curve for me, as I have attempted to master the art of driving a truck that has died on me too many times to count. It hasn’t been a fun learning curve.  I have procrastinated my trips to town till the last possible day.  Then till the last possible hour.  I have mapped my route around town with planning and analyzing you probably didn’t know was possible, for a tiny town like this.  I know where to park and what is within walking distance of each parking place.  I have parked in front of stores a good MK should not park…but I did not care!

Back to the stop sign ….  The first time I came out of town on that  hill, the engine died.  I restarted it.  It died again.  I restarted it.  It died again.  Multiply this by 5, and add a vehicle approaching from behind me, and you have Lois in a panic!  Finally I manged to pull out of there, and I vowed I wasn’t leaving town by that road again.  Since then, I’ve taken the side road — the one that doesn’t combine stop signs with hills.

But yesterday I got brave.  And conquered!  I can now officially drive standard!


7 thoughts on “Conquered!

  1. YAY! LOIS!!!!! Sounds like me! trying to drive a stick shift! Only at one point in our lives did we ever have a standard as our only vehicle and wow! did my prayer life get a workout then! In Grand Rapids, Michigan there are LOTS of hills – that coincidentally have stop lights at the worse places – the tops of hills!

    “Next time I’ll pull the baby card,” 🙂 OK… the next time you post… we expect an announcement! That’s a direct quote! 😀

    Yes – I also got the “good MK” comment… been thinking about things like that lately – how judgmental we believers are – and how much more forgiving the world is… sigh… not done with this whole thought process yet… still noodling it!


    On conquering the stick shift…. but most ESPECIALLY on the baby! Can’t wait to see the “official” announcement! 😀

  3. Way to go Sis! I wish I could have been there with you! Sounds like lots of “fun”! I haven’t had difficulty with vehicles, but the farm trucks – some of them can be pretty fun – it’s weird because the more tense a person gets, the harder it is, the more tense you get, the harder it is, etc. Crazy! But I think Jerry gave me some good advice for the Mack – so, if I ever come back to work at the farm, I should be a little better!

    Now, where’s my phone…

  4. HEY:D Congratz on your accomplishment. I wish I could accomplish simply driving an automatic…Someday maybe. You should give me a call some evening:) We don’t have the house phone anymore, just my cell phone and Paul’s new one.

  5. Wow! A great, freeing accomplishment! Enjoy it!
    As to the use of the right foot, well, I believe I taught you never to use the LEFT foot, right?? The right one is the only one to use on an automatic, but the LEFT one confuses one on a standard! Isn’t that right?? Now did I confuse you?? 🙂

    It’s good to know how to drive that vehicle just in case Jerry injures his leg or something, eh?? !

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