They knew I talked…

Wouldn’t you know, the day after I post about my Great Accomplishment, my standard driving skills go out the window.  Good grief!  They must’ve known I posted about it…  But they’re back today!  Hmm….I’ll just have to swear Jerry to secrecy about me getting stuck in a ditch, unable to move forward or back, not knowing if I should hit the clutch or the gas or the brake or all three — wait, then I’d have to evolve another leg — never mind!  Let’s just say I love the fact that the 4Runner has 4 wheel drive and leave it at that! 🙂

Ummm…sorry, Mrs. G, this is my next post and I’m NOT posting baby announcements.  You’ll have to forgive me, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be posting for a looong time and you’d all be bored to tears!  Please let me post other posts on my blog before that happens?  Please?!  lol


9 thoughts on “They knew I talked…

  1. Yes… Mrs. G…. my comment on the baby post was meant to create a stir as well…… maybe the grasshoppers and the courting announcement has everyone worn out…. Oh well….

  2. I must admit, whoever said whatever about something-or-another had me wondering if someone-or-other hadn’t told some important news about something-or-other. I even asked Mom, and she hadn’t heard anything. I’ll just keep checking the blog!!!

  3. yeah, Lois – see how well everyone (besides Mrs. Steele abd me) reads your blog… they just skim read! Must be all the blindness on the part of two people we know from that stars that are twinkling in their eyes! Maybe, Mrs. Steele, we got more reaction than we anticipated!?!

  4. I caught the something-er-rather that someone-er-rather mentioned. I just knew that if it was a possibility that the someone-er-rather would not have made a joke about it. I think she was just feeling left out cause two people were having all the fun with their courting announcement.

  5. Let me tell you something, dearly beloved peoples: If something-or-another was indeed true, you would not find out from this blog. Those of you who are active commentators would find out with a personal phone call, most likely, or from a person, non-computer source! In other words, brother dear, you will not find out that you are an uncle from this blog.

    And no, I wasn’t feeling left out. Two certain people are entitled to their fun! I was just saying that next time my blog gets boring again, I will know how to spice it up…but that’s not right now!

  6. Yes, Mrs G…. I guess we did actually succeed in creating a stir….. or something or other!

    Oh, April!!! Your poor MOM!!

    Sorry Lois!!! I did not actually think the stir would be THAT big!

  7. Mrs. Steele!!! You were the worst! I was thinking, “OH NO!!!! She mis-read and thinks I’m serious!! How do I fix this??? Well, I’ll reply to Mrs. G’s comment, and then hopefully she’ll realize it!” lol!

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