Bad sheep!

Bahhh!!!  Mrs. Steele, you were trying to create a stir too?  Man, you had me scared everyone had misunderstood and taken me seriously and I wasn’t sure how to take back what I hadn’t actually said!!!!  You and Mrs. G are baaaad sheep!


29 thoughts on “Bad sheep!

  1. who me? 🙂 well… if I’m going to be a baaaaaaaaad sheep…

    Little lamb (bad as he or she may or may not have been) went out to play,
    Little lamb, little lamb!
    Shepherd boy went looking for… (hide little lamb!)
    Little lamb, little lamb!
    Brought him home again once more (party pooper!)
    Little lamb, little lamb! 😦

  2. And Mrs. Steele, what happened to yours?!? I’m shocked. Lois, I agree we have two baaaaadddd sheep on our hands. What exactly will their punishment be? WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE! Mrs. Lois, wasn’t it you that STARTED all this? Getting everyone’s hopes up, just to dash them? You even had your poor brother wondering. Maybe YOU are the baaaadd sheep my most wonderful sister-in-law!

  3. If I was bragging . . . I would have lost the halo then anyway! :-)…

    Maybe my halo needs a Lois, April, Andrew, Jerry fix…

    If there was a something-or-rather that April and Andrew might be doing something about… a great time to do whatever-that – might – be would be next Spring… 🙂

    btw – Lois – is scares me that I haven’t played Dutch Blitz since I played with you… I’ve gotten a whole lot older since then!

  4. hmmmm….. Lois as the worst baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad sheep? It could work! (Since we’re already bad, it can’t hurt much more to shift blame, can it?)

    Ok – you all know this is in jest… I’ve been teaching on the world’s characteristics vs the Kingdom of God’s characteristics… and the world says, “It’s fun to be bad!”… and… at times this is true… :-/ so… I’m feeling a little convicted…. hmmmm…. sigh…..

  5. No, brother dear, I think Mrs. G and Mrs. Steele can start rumors on their own. They even had me scared!

    And Miss April, I didn’t start anything. All I did was state a fact (that I knew what my next “spicing” card would be — but was not using it).

    Mrs. G, my halo is intact (as always!) but I wouldn’t mind a Mrs. G fix! Why don’t you come visit and test your Dutch Blitz skills on me? 🙂

    And if certain people are threatening you due to certain comments about what certain people might do about certain times next year, I hereby agree that that is a brilliant idea of yours, and now I’m going to lock my doors and come down to hide out with you!

  6. I must be really dense tonight… (plus having a lot of plates spinning tonight)… but – I checked my email, Andrew, and I only saw notice of your note telling me to check my email, and Lois’s most recent comment – here above mine… (which came AFTER you told me to check my email….)hmmm… so… maybe I need it a little plainer! 🙂 Lois – you (and Jerry) are always welcome! btw – so are Andrew and April! 🙂 just make sure we’re home!

  7. Okay Mrs. G. Don’t get yourself too excited. And Mrs. Lois, I would suggest you lock your doors. Maybe you should even take that motor home to another province where we can’t find you!!!

  8. I did check my email again… Not sure what to think if I was dense enought to have to remind someone to send me a mean email….

    btw – I don’t recall being specific about anything…. maybe I just meant that it would be a good time to see me as I’m in your country… did you have something else in mind? 0:) (that’s the halo one … don’t remember again how to do it….)

  9. AHHHHH!!!! Aunty E and her nurse friend are telling me to take prenatal classes in advance ’cause there are only 2 couple signed up. I said “No way! That’ll start rumors for sure! People would talk!” They said, “Who?! Nobody would know but the other people in the class!”
    Yeah. Sure. RRRrrrrright! Well, I know SOME people who would somehow find out and talk! lol

    (P.S. — Allow me to clarify – I do NOT need prenatal classes. They are telling me to take them in advance, even though I don’t need it, just because the class is really small)

  10. So I am a bad sheep am I?

    Unfortunately, I was away from home, and unable to defend myself.

    Well, Lois, I believe that you actually DID start it!

    You did indeed have all of us anticipating the official announcement. I had thoughts of how nice it would be for our little ones to grow up friends. …..Sigh!

    And, April, as far as my halo goes…… were you not able to see it in July? …. If not, I believe a fact was stated in one of the comment sections last winter about only LEGITIMATE angels being able to see one another’s haloes.

    I just went to check with my angelic husband, and yes, he informed me that my halo is still in place, shiny, AND sitting STRAIGHT!!! As is darling Steele kid #1’s. 😀

    Prenatal classes eh?

    Don’t need them yet eh?


  11. Thank you!

    Or do I note a hint of sarcasm there, Andrew?

    I am unable to read between the lines this time …. you only left one!

  12. Actually, I’m just laughing at what all you wrote and your sense of humor. And that you are very skilled at the whole halo situation thing (“in place, shiny, AND sitting STRAIGHT”) – no room for argument there!

  13. hmmm… now I’ve been away from home and will be sporadic in involvement… and can’t defend myself… I’m thinking that my hubby would be feisty and not be truthful about my shiny, in place, and sitting straight halo… hmmm… tried to get him to say it and he just said that Mr. Steele was biased… sigh…. SOMEONE must think I have a halo….

    • Your cat, maybe? Or your MDP MK team right after you give us our paychecks?? 🙂

      Don’t worry; we love you even if we still think your halo is just as crooked as ours!

  14. LOL! Thanks! Or maybe the MDP MK team (tho’ it is now called PATH Ministry Training)… after frogs and peppermint mints, or pizza?

    Yes – perhaps my kitty :-)… tho’ I’ve been away for 5 days, we’ll be home 2 days and then gone again for a whole month… not sure my kitty will agree until I come home for a longer period of time!

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