I need to stay awake…

My mommy and my daddy are here!  Dad is out on the combines with Uncle G right now, and Jerry and Cousin are either trucking or combining, I’m not sure which.  Cousin drove the truck for the first time tonight.  Suddenly that makes him a trucker, it seems!

On another note, I have an official job at the hospital…much to my own shock!  For various reasons, it was not looking hopeful, and I was not expecting everything to work out.  But when I went in today to report after my job shadow last week, she promptly sat me down for an interview, then said she’d call me next week.  So I was not expecting her call later this afternoon — “You’re hired, and these are the days you work.”  “I’m WHAT?!”

I think it’s kind of cool, actually.  See, I always wanted to be a nurse, but I wanted to be married more than I wanted to be a nurse.  And I didn’t want to spend years and big $$ getting my nursing training, only to get married and not use it.  So with this job, it looks like I’ll get the hands-on nursing I always wants, AND I can be married too!  I think God has a cool sense of humor.

My eyes are falling shut, but I’m going out on the truck with Jerry later, so I need to stay awake a little longer.  This is a last ditch effort to keep my eyes open ….


6 thoughts on “I need to stay awake…

  1. Yes!!!! Congratulations on the job!!!!

    It will be handy for you to know all the staff at the hospital 🙂

    And yes God REALLY does have a cool sense of humor!

    Can’t wait to hear about the job!

  2. Andrew… you concur with Lois’s statement or Mrs. Steele”s statement?

    Me – personally – I concur with Mrs. Steele! Baaaad sheep must stick together! 😀

    Yes, Lois, I’m excited for you, too! My niece was training to be a nurse, but says that she’s most content with being a CNA I think. Basically her reason was that it allowed her to do more on-hands care than the nurses did… You’ll do very well at this!

    I’m looking forward to hearing more, too! 🙂

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