Alberta coldness…ahhh!

Well, Jerry trucked till 5:30 that morning, and the combine drivers came in at 6 AM.  I came in at 2 PM to find Uncle G pouring himself a bowl of cereal, and Cousin dragging around moaning about being pulled out of bed!

It was nippy outside Saturday night.  It was a different kind of cold.  One I haven’t felt for 3 years.  One that made me want to take a deep breath and just enjoy.  It took me back to KWT and games of Home Base that would go into the night.  It would be crispy cold, the kind that made you want to keep moving, but it was somehow cozy inside your sweater (as long as your sweater was thick enough!)  I haven’t felt that kind of nippy cold since I went to school.  Back there, it just got COLD and froze you all the way to your bones.  No feeling cozy inside your sweater!

Mmmm….I like Alberta!


2 thoughts on “Alberta coldness…ahhh!

  1. You have a neat way of expressing yourself and the climate in Alberta! I agree with you! Although I can’t say much about the NB cold yet…

  2. Umm… Alberta is nice. The home base games I miss… the excitement of playing added to the trying to keep warm, definitely some fun times with KWT kids, even though I was often blowing my nose a couple days later =)

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