Harvest is starting to wind down!  Well, sort of.  They’re still going like crazy, but the end is in sight and that is exciting!

The temperature was minus 5 last night, I think.  It’s officially time to start looking for a home for winter.  The motorhome might be getting a leeeettle bit chilly in the coming weeks!

I worked two days at the hospital this week and thoroughly enjoyed my days there.  Reminds me of my practical at school, and makes me miss my “old ladies” even more.

We enjoyed a visit from my brothers and my big brother’s girlfriend last weekend 🙂


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Well, my dear sister, I better not tell you where I am right now! I even thought of going to visit your “old ladies” this morning when Mr. Booker(?) was talking about arranging practicals.

    I miss you here! I wish you were here with me! Tell J I went to look in the Beacon attic last night – it’s cool up there!

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