Moving Day #2 (from earlier this week)

Our first move was here to the farm.  We packed the 4Runner to the roof and somehow managed to fit it all into our cosy little motorhome.

Today is the day we leave our little motorhome.  We headed out for Thanksgiving weekend hoping the snow would be gone (or at least show some signs of leaving) when we came back.  Well, we came back to MORE snow, threats of ski-doos emerging, and slippery roads that freaked me out a little (the car did funny things when I tried to brake and turn).

So we are moving again.  This time to a HUGE house with a spacious kitchen (I like that part), wide-screen TV (Jerry likes that part), jacuzzi in the backyard, garage, and a very loud cat outside the back door.  I will miss our little motorhome, and having everything in its place and orderly (am I a high C or what?!), but we are thankful for this new home that we will be living in for 2 weeks while the owners are away.  They asked us to come house-sit for them, and man, was it ever perfect timing!  We are thanking God for a place to live for the next 2 weeks…and praying for after that!


2 thoughts on “Moving Day #2 (from earlier this week)

  1. Oh it does sound like a nice place! Hope you guys find a different place after the one you’re at. I’ll be praying for you and Jerry!

  2. God gives us the next step… but doesn’t always give us steps 2, 3, 4 or 20 ahead of time… A true lesson in learning to trust… or …. fully rely on God! 🙂 The house sounds great! But I know it’s hard to be “transient.” May God give you grace to make a home wherever you are and to put your nest in Him!

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