God knows what He’s doing

I was about to laughing blog about something random from work, and then realized…I don’t think I’ve mentioned work on here yet!  Allow me to explain…

I was urged to apply for a secretarial/receptionist job here at the hospital as soon as we moved here.  So I did, not really expecting anything to come of it, because there were no advertisements or anything.  I didn’t hear anything back for a while, so then Aunty E took me in one afternoon to meet the lady in charge.  She said her only position open for paperwork was a job from 4-10 every night (I did not want to work evenings).  But then she asked if I was interested in anything else — food services, housekeeping, nurses’ aid…?  “Nurses’ aid?” I questioned her.  “I can do that??  What is it exactly?”

Here I am a month later, working about 3 days/week in the Continuing Care Unit of the hospital.  Yes, I could do with — me, the one with NO nursing training or anything of the sort!  Nursing Attendants don’t do anything medical.  We get the residents up in the morning, bathe them, dress them, feed them, and basically tend to any of their needs throughout the day.  One LPN is on duty with us, and she looks after all the medications, bandages, etc.

I am thoroughly enjoying my job, the residents, and the other girls I work with.  I find it really neat, because for my whole life, I wanted to be involved in nursing.  But, there was a problem: I wanted to be married more than I wanted to be in nursing, and I didn’t want to spend big $$ getting my training only to get married, have kids, and not use it.  But this way, I get in some nursing, without spending any $$ on training (the training I need, I am getting either on the job, going through modules on my own, or in day courses) and get to be married too!  I think God’s way of working things out is pretty cool!

Remember how much I enjoyed my Practical Christian Service at school, going to two seniors’ homes every week?  Now I get that every day I work!  The residents are hilarious some days (one guy came up and gave me a box of chocolates today.  I thanked him, and said I’d share them with the girls.  “No!” he said.  “I bought them just for YOU!” Awww……

I am thankful that God has provided a job that I enjoy and look forward to.


3 thoughts on “God knows what He’s doing

  1. Awwww! God truly is awesome! and the patients are very blessed to have you in their lives! I’m sure you bring joy to each one!

    and… I think it’s cool that you will have all the skills to care for me when I’m old(er) and decrepit! I’ll just move in with you and Jerry! 😀 (me AND my cats!)

  2. so, it sounds like Jerry’s gonna have a bone to pick with some old men. he’ll just have to give you chocolates AND a dozen roses!!!!!! But he’s your hubby so i think he has the advantage!!!
    missing you tons. sorry i wasn’t home when you called. but i’m sure we’ll get to visit sometime or other!!!

  3. Yes, I’m still alive! I’m happy for you, Sister! Enjoy the gift(s) God has given, and how He is working it out! That’s awesome! Now when I get the dreaded, feared, horrifying, terribly fearsome H1N1, I’ll know who to get good advice from!!

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