Fingers have their own brain

I spent much of today resurrecting the “classical” side of my piano playing.  It was fun.  I forget how much fun classical pieces are.  And I think it’s amazing how much my fingers remember even if I haven’t looked at a piece for AGES.  I struggle through it once and it sounds horrific (’cause my real brain did not come equipped with a “sight-reading” section … or more likely because that part of it wasn’t exercised enough!) and then suddenly my fingers take over the second time and the notes just come.  I’m pretty sure God equipped my fingers with a brain of their own.  They amaze me.

Fingers have brains

Fingers have brains


4 thoughts on “Fingers have their own brain

  1. You may find that if you wait 10, 20, or :-0 30 years! WOW!!! 30 years ago!!!! I’m getting old! anyway – that the brains in the fingers take longer to recall… also… they begin to not be in shape as they once were… tho’ I know what you mean. I can still pick up an old piece from high school (and thus that’s where the 30 years come in!) and certain passages do come back easily!

  2. Cool!! Me too! It’s fun to pick up an old song and have still be able to play it. My trouble is finding the old songs amidst all the ones I didn’t learn…

  3. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh right, I’m “twitterpaited”. That’s a convenient excuse!!

    Actually, I think it has something do to with the fact that the books I was looking in weren’t ours.

    But, I’d probably have the same problem looking in ours anyway…

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