Supportive Pathways course

This past little bit has been kinda busy.  I went to Peace River last week for a 2 day on Alzheimers.  (They taught us a lot about us, but unfortunately, I still haven’t learned to spell it right!)  But it was an excellent course.  Soooo informative, and it will be very helpful every day as I go to work.  They taught us the course that the disease runs and the various stages, how to interact with a person with Dementia, the importance of entering into their reality instead of forcing them into ours, and the “So what?” principle for day to day issues that come up.  If one of our residents is refusing to do something, or having a really rough day and we need to do something that would only agaravate matters, does it REALLY have to be done today?  So what if it has to wait till tomorrow?  If waiting won’t harm them or others, why not?  We are here for them, not ourselves.  So why not make life a little smoother for them?

So…I was thankful to be able to go, and my co-worker and I came back with a better perspective and some fresh ideas.  And for those of you out there who are worrying that you have Dementia, don’t worry — you probably don’t.  The fact that you remember that you forgot something is a good sign, and if you remember the experience or event but forget the details about it, you’re doing ok 😉


3 thoughts on “Supportive Pathways course

  1. Thanks for the encouragement about whether I do or don’t have Dementia. It’s kind’ve funny, because when we can’t remember something that we think we should remember, we think we’re losing our memory – I guess we think we will be able to recognize our own dimentia when it begins…

    By the way, do you remember promising me a hundred bucks if I commented on your blog at least one hundred times?

  2. I never promised you any such thing. I do recall you once promising me a grand piano, however. I’m ready for it now. Send it on over! Or do you have OTHER buying priorities right now!?!?!?!?!?! Hmmm??? Tell me, tell me! 😀

  3. hey – I checked your blog – like – everyday – with no new comments – and then – all of a sudden, you post a bunch! sigh…

    Ernie & I think that each other is in dementia. . . though, if we were keeping score, he thinks I’m worse this past week! In one day, 4 different times I found myself asking, “why didn’t I know about that?!” and my hubby found himself saying, “you were right there when we talked about it!” In fact, reading your explanation of remembering that we forgot, or remember the event, but not the details… I guess I’m in the dementia category – I don’t remember that I knew stuff, and I don’t remember the event… THAT IS, unless I”M right, and my hubby has forgotten…. LOL! It does get quite interesting around here!

    I do solve (or try to) several Sudoku puzzles a day – to keep dementia away… now I don’t know if it’s working…. sigh…

    I do, however, love the idea of others entering into my reality! Come on in!

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