Moving Day– weekend — #4!

Well, we’re moving again!  Mom & Dad and Timothy brought a load of our furniture, some boxes, etc, from KWT.  This afternoon, Dad & Jerry will go to Grandpa’s farm and pick up the rest of our furniture.  Tonight, we will go to Grandpa & Grandma’s (Mom’s side) for supper, and will pick up the gifts from my wedding shower.  Then, we will only have stuff left at KWT (still more boxes), the motorhome, and our present home — but no longer at Grandpa’s farm, or Grandpa & Grandma’s!  Progress is being made!


2 thoughts on “Moving Day– weekend — #4!

  1. You sound like a Siebert – you have stuff in more than 2 locations!!! Tsk, tsk!! Maybe Jerry can cure you…!!

    I’m glad you’re making progress – keep at it. Enjoy being in one place, and (eventually), having all your stuff there.

  2. Stuff with us, in the motorhome, and Grandpa & Grandma’s, at Grandpa’s, at home, in the basement at KWT…yeah, I think I must be a Siebert!

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