Canada is COLD!

We woke up to COLD and snow and a car covered in frost today.  Now, other than that snowfall in October that scared the wits out of us and made us think winter had descended already, we have actually had a VERY nice fall and been quite spoiled.  -5 was making us shiver in our boots, but that’s just ’cause we’re not used to it.  But -24 this morning?  WHOA!!!!  Culture shock for the body!  Thermal shock!  Whatever!  It was a shock to the system!

So we were driving to church, peering through our frosty windows, shivering, and wondering why on earth we are stupid enough to live in a country like this!  Dad always says that living in Canada is like opening your freezer every fall and jumping in for 8 months — who in their right mind would do that?!  But we do every year!  And then today on the way to church, Jerry exclaimed, “This is COLDER than jumping in the freezer!”

Whoa.  Think about that for a minute!  We are living in something colder than the freezer!  How crazy is that?!

OK, I’m done ranting about the cold now.  Give me a few weeks, I’ll get used to it again.  I think my system is still in shock at this point, though!  Florida, Mexico…those countries are looking pretty attractive right now!  But … at least we have snow now.  It makes our world beautiful.  It makes the cold tolerable.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Canada is COLD!

  1. I don’t know, Lois, the snow isn’t making the cold any more tolerable for me…

    And I still haven’t figured out why people chose to live in a country where one has to jump in a freezer for half the year.

  2. Yep, it’s cold alright: -27 today in PA! I got a cold on Friday, and now I know why I start coughing every time I got out to start the car!

    I feel the Lord calling me to Florida right about now….

  3. Deciding the snow is beautiful is a desperate attempt at optimism, Teresa. I’m attempting to fool myself into thinking this is normal and I should like it! And I do like it…from the inside of the glass! Outside the glass — still working on that part!

    Andrew — there are such things as destination W’s, you know……(sorry, you wouldn’t let me say the word, so I had to initial it….) 😀

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