It is COLD!!!!!!!!

That link is scary.  Edmonton was the coldest place in North America on the 13th?  And we live in Alberta?!  We are insane!  We must be!

Nothin’ much else to say.  Still in the unpacking/organizing mode.  We had a whirlwind trip to see Kay before she flew back home for Christmas.  It was a cold drive, late nights, but fun and good to see her again.  The clutch on the car was sticking a bit on the way home, and we stopped to put a cardboard in the engine, and then it smelled like the care was going to burn up (but it didn’t, don’t worry) and then when we were getting close to home it almost seemed like the car heater had quit, but we had just hit an even colder place so it couldn’t keep up very well…yeah, it’s cold.

No internet or phone in our new place…checking out the options.  Could be gone for a while, but may re-appear sooner than you think!


One thought on “COLD.

  1. You know you live in Northern Canada when…

    You report to your kids that the thermometer reads -30 degrees C and the 16 year old says “Oh! Not bad then!” 🙂

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