Just another day…

Had a lazy morning today.  Stayed in bed late (’cause I missed a lot of sleep last night due to a splitting headache) and wrote letters.  Got up in time to put supper (scalloped potatoes, ham, and beans) in the slow cooker.  I love that little machine!  Mom & Dad gave Andrew one for his birthday a year or two ago and told him it was the “next best thing to a wife”!  Puttered around the house cleaning, unpacking (I unpacked the two tubs I borrowed from Aunty E today!), baking bread, boiling some chicken pieces to make soup for Jerry’s lunch tomorrow, making spice cake for dessert tonight, snooping on Facebook, shoveling the sidewalks outside, cleaning up my internet “favorites” list…

It was a good day, in spite of the remnant of the headache that stayed with me.  I like calm, quiet, putt-er-y days  🙂


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