I won! I won! WHY did my brothers have to miss this?!

We went to visit another young couple in our church last night, and ended up playing a game of Risk.  Now, Risk isn’t necessarily my favorite game, though I do enjoy a game of mission Risk every now and then.  I think the last time I played was back at school with some guys.  They were quite shocked that a GIRL wanted to play Risk!  I don’t really enjoy the World  Conquer version of Risk, however, mainly because it looks like an impossible goal for me!  And besides, usually it seems to take forever and I don’t have the patience for it!  Last night the guys wanted to play World Conquer, not Mission Risk.  *sigh*  So we girls, being the loving, considerate, patient, self-sacrificing wives that we are, acquiesced.  Just because we love them!  I prepared myself for about 4 rounds of the game — that’s usually as long as I survive in World Conquer.  I consider my short-lived Risk life a success if I take down a few men, put up a fight, and give them a bit of a speed bump on their way to conquering the world!  Trying to win?  Ha!  No, I don’t really even try.

Imagine my surprise when I was actually able to wipe out the other guy who kept tormenting me and attacking me and stealing my continent by taking North Africa every turn!  And then I was able to wipe out Jerry!  And then it was just us two GIRLS playing!?!?!?  Whoa!  This is NOT typical!  So I wiped her out after I cashed in with Jerry’s cards and proceeded to take over the world.

I wish my brothers had been there to see it.  It was amazing.  The second time in my life that I have ever won World Conquer Risk.  I should’ve taken a picture!


15 thoughts on “I won! I won! WHY did my brothers have to miss this?!

  1. Congratulations! You go girl!

    btw – if you don’t hear from me… it’s because I’m having trouble adjusting to the new way that WordPress is having us subscribe to your blog – I’m okay on getting new posts – but I’m not sure that I’m always on top of always having to subscribe through the email, cutting and pasting the link to the internet, and then clicking… much too complicated for my frame of mind these days!

  2. I”M confused…. I have left a couple of comments and neither of them have shown up.

    Maybe Mrs. Lois blocked me.

    I caused too much trouble….. sigh

  3. Well… there…. that one showed up…..

    Maybe this one will too.

    I had wanted to compliment you on the victory!

    Way to go!

  4. Yes, you should have taken a picture!! Sort of like another time you made a great move–the picture of you and Andrew when you surprised him on the backside (invaded Russia from NA by surprise) and you were laughing your heads off on the couch?? I do recall a famous move there of yours, Lois! Remember, Andrew?? 🙂

  5. No comment. I refuse to say anything on the subject matter being discussed. History is history.

    Lois, I’m glad you beat a Risk game. I’m sorry I missed it. Good job! You must have learned something from all the advice we’ve given and discussions we’ve had on RISK strategy!!!!

    Ya, Mrs. G., I agree with you. I absolutely detest the new way of subscribing for comments. It takes about three times as long now, plus a horrible several step process. In an age of instant gratification, it is extremely frustrating! I sent a complaint and got a message that they passed it on to their tech department. Duh! I’m very happy with WordPress.

    Lois, when I click the box now, I later get an email from WordPress, asking me to confirm my subscription by clicking on the link which takes me to WordPress. I forget if I have to click again there or not. We’re not happy!

  6. Thanks Andrew… Yup – that’s exactly the process, only I will complete the end – yes – I think you have to go back and click again once you’re back on WordPress… that’s to subscribe to comments… However, I do like being able to subscribe to the blog itself and get notices that Lois has posted again…

    so – I take it you were being sarcastic when you said, “I’m very happy with WordPress.”?

  7. I remember that wonderful game of Risk, Mom! Ahh, yes, thank God for hidden troops in Alaska! Andrew, you’re getting married soon. You had better get used to the fact that women can get VERY historical!

    I don’t understand all this about WordPress. Do you subscribe to my blog, get it sent to your inbox, and then comment from there and that’s when it sends you on that great big long frustrating process? I know when I try to comment on Blogger blogs it takes me a good 5 minutes usually (and involves me logging in to WordPress a couple times).

    I apologize on behalf of WordPress…they’re very good for the one writing the blog! :S

  8. OK… this is what I do….
    1. I click on the box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.”
    2. So… in my email inbox I receive a notice that says something like, “click here to subscribe to comments on this post.”
    3. of course, I can’t click on that link, so I have to cut and paste the link into my browser which takes me to a page where I can click to say that I want to be notified of comments for any of your posts…
    4. of course, when I get to that page, I can click that I want notifications – but none that I clicked before are still clicked, so being the cautious person I am, I click them all again… then I click on the blog link, and see that none of those are still clicked, so I click all those (now – once in awhile I remember that if I click the box on the top, it clicks all of the boxes)…
    5. if I’ve done all this right, then that satisfies the requirements to receive comments via email…. however…
    6. there are days that I am – shall I say – distracted? so… sometimes I remember to cut and paste the address into the browser before I read the next email… but – sometimes I don’t…. :-/ or sometimes, when I remember to cut and paste it into the browser, but then get side tracked and forget to follow through…

    SO… perhaps if I wasn’t as old as I am (my daughter has been known to calling me senile… can you believe it?)… it would be the simpler process more often… just he 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, – but some days, yes – I’ll admit – we go the way of the #6…

    Now – because I love you, it is certainly worth all the confusion this causes my poor mind… can you believe it? I have a blog.. not too sure what to do with it… but – oh – well… as long as I can remember how to get to it (and what server I put it under) – and what the password is, I should do okay…. LOL

  9. hey (I promise this comment will be shorter!)…
    I just figured out that once I paste the address in the browser, and go to the page… I’m automatically subscribed – and I tells me how many “pending” there are…

    cool! I’m never too young to learn! The process still is not idiot-proof… but it’s better 🙂

  10. Wow! That sounds complicated!! Thanks to my wonderful sons (or daughter) who put Lois’s blog on my front page as a bookmark, well, I just click on it and…ta da …there is Lois’s blog with the latest entry. I just roll my mouse down as I read and can with one click, start entering my comment! Wow! Maybe it’s my wonderful apple??!! I will enjoy its simplicity for as long as I have it 🙂
    I do feel for all you folk though. Hope things do get simpler somehow for you. I know what it’s like getting older and still having to figure out modern technology that is always a jump ahead of my mind …and my memory!!

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