Me, the piano, and God

Me and the piano have a complicated relationship.  Actually, it’s not complicated at all … as long as I don’t have an audience.  When I do, then my fingers go haywire, I don’t recognize notes I’ve memorized, my hands get freezing cold, shake, and then my leg starts its tremors (it could work that pedal totally on its own, I’m sure!) and then my battle is not playing the piano — it is controling everything else in order to be able to continue playing!

I was always told that the more recitals, festivals, exams, playing in public I did, etc, the better it would get.  I hereby give up on that!  If anything, it’s gotten worse.  I think I must’ve driven Mr. Music crazy at school, asking for songs in advance, and then practicing like crazy for days.  But the only way I can combat these nerves is to practice like CRAZY till I can almost play the song in my sleep.  Then my memory can take over — hopefully — while I am busy combating nerves!

Anyway…that’s a lot of background to what I wanted to write in the first place!  We were on for worship this morning, on Uncle G’s team, and I was playing piano for the hymns.  I practiced several times throughout the week, and was feeling quite confident.  But then during the closing prayer, Uncle G came over with the hymnbook.  “Can we sing this one?” he asks — one I probably haven’t played since school!  But I gulped, said “yes,” found it in my hymnbook, mentally played it through, and proceeded to nail it.

But it wasn’t me.  It was God.  It’s happened before.  Earlier this fall something happened to the son of one of the church families, and we had a time of silent prayer for a while after the service and Uncle G asked me to play, something, anything.  This was after not playing piano AT ALL for several months.  But I played, one song after the other, for at least 20 minutes.  The next song to play would come to me as I was on the last verse of the present one.  I remembered the numbers in order to turn to them right away, I played them well in spite of having not touched a piano for months.  And today, I played again, but not on my own.  God did it.  And I am thankful, and praise Him for it.


13 thoughts on “Me, the piano, and God

  1. Thanks for sharing this… you’re right… God does the incredible… see… It’s not the exams, festivals, recitals that do it… but the ability step aside and to be the vessel that God uses to accomplish His purpose!

  2. Hmmmm. I’m still stuck on your statement about all the public playing not helping much. But the rest of your post is cool too. Praise God!

  3. Hi just to let you know that yes, it works from my email even with Mozilla. I just click on the link and it takes me to your blog and the comment section…

  4. don’t worry about it…. it helped specifically that I realized that once I got to the page to edit my preferences, I was then subscribed… makes life easier… and if nothing else, change takes adjustment… & I love you enough to change and adjust! I just creak more these days! LOL

  5. Yes – I creak and crack… my bones, Andrew… my ol’ bones! LOL… but also my ability to flex, adapt, and change with the current technology is getting a little harder… you, too, will feel this…. someday… especially as technology advances quicker and quicker… you’re not getting younger, you know… LOL!

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