Boys will be boys

I walked to the grocery store today, because the 4Runner is still in for repairs (Jerry is fixing something — not sure what, ’cause I’m a girl, but it’s something pretty major that rendered the 4Runner garage-bound for at least a whole week now).

So anyway, as I was walking past an empty lot with a large snowbank, I saw two kids playing — sliding down the snowbank, laughing, yelling, carrying on, and having a great time.  I could not tell if they were boys or girls — I just knew they were having fun.

On my way back from the grocery store, I passed them again.  They had moved over to a bigger snowbank.  I instantly knew they were NOT girls when I heard one hollering to the other, “HEY!  I bet you could catch some air on that bump down there!!!” Yup.  Must be boys!


3 thoughts on “Boys will be boys

  1. So, did that bring back memories–and make you feel like joining them?? Mind you, “catching the air” on the bump might be a little more painful than it used to be!!

  2. Yes, Steele kid 7 and I “caught some air” today. And M, I was expecting pain, but it was not bad at all!

    These old bones enjoyed themselves! 🙂

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