Dining Room “after” picture

Dining Room "after" shot

Dining Room "after" shot

Finally, an “after” picture of our dining room!  This empty, no-more-boxes look was was achieved with the help of my husband and some company we invited for Sunday afternoon.  Turns out our company didn’t actually come, but the prospect of real, non-family company did the trick and Saturday evening saw some major clean-up, hide-the-boxes-in-the-back-room efforts!  I must say, we are both very pleased with the effect.  Feels like we have a HUGE kitchen/dining room/living room area now!

And  no, I’m NOT posting ANY pictures of that back room!


5 thoughts on “Dining Room “after” picture

  1. Wow! Love it! …and the rose on the counter!! Now all you need is for some company to stay for the night and take up a couple rooms, and maybe the back rooms will get done??!! 🙂

  2. I should come and INSIST to see that back room!!!!! Shouldn’t have mentioned you had one…now everyone wants to see it!!!!!!

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