Thoughts on Bible study and existence

In fall we started going to a Bible study at the pastor’s house for couples who had been married 10 years or under.  Now, after Christmas, the focus has changed (and anyone is allowed in now!) and we are doing the “Truth Project” from Focus On The Family.  Today was our second session, and man, does it make the brain work!  I’m having flashbacks to theology class at school with Mr. Brain.  “Do we actually exist?  Or do we just think we exist?  And if we just think we exist, then where did that thought come from?” AHHHH!!!!!!!  After that class at school, I promptly declared that Dyson and McTom no longer existed in my world, and I could live happily ever after without them.  They were much offended, sadly!

It’s nice to have my brain stretched again.  It’s good to refresh it.  This Bible study is bringing back things I learned in school, and it is good to feel twinges in the back of my brain as theology comes back.    Maybe I learned a whole lot more than I realized!  Well, I know I learned it, but it appears I actually retained more than I expected!  Hallelujah!

Truth is truth because God declared what is truth.  And why can’t truth change?  Because God declared it, and HE can’t change.  Malachi 3:6 says that He is God and He does not change.  (thanks to one of Mr. Brain’s exams, I actually remembered the reference!)  When you stop to think about it, God’s commands aren’t just a random list of rules.  They are what describes HIM.  And because we are to strive to become more like Him, we seek to follow these things He has told us.  That changes the perspective almost, doesn’t it?  Suddenly they are more than just a list of rules, because there is a greater reason to follow them than to just “be good Christians” or because “this is what we’re supposed to do.”

Hmmm.  Yes, I think I like this Bible study!  Jerry & I were both very disappointed when they changed the topic after Christmas, but this is going to be good.  It is good already.

And another thing from last weeks study — “Do I really believe that what I believe is really really true?  And if I do, do I live that way?” Think on THAT for a while!


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bible study and existence

  1. Ahhh, yes, that does stretch the mind!! The latter question of whether we are really living in line with that truth is what my mind has been on since New Year’s. Living from the inside out–acting on what we know is right and true, … and on my mind goes. I am enjoying your “philosophizing!!”

    Hey, that must be a real word I used because there is no red line under it!! Wow, I’m getting good!! 🙂 Maybe I’m related to Andrew!!!

  2. Good stuff to think about, even if it’s not stuff that comes up in everyday conversation or thinking. Know what you believe, know why you believe, and live the way you believe. Easy to say, impossible to do… except by God’s grace. Happy philosophizing!!

  3. I really like those videos. I want to watch them again really soon. They really make you think and evaluate what you really believe and why you believe it. Hope you enjoy your subject change!!!!

  4. Yes, Mrs. G — definitely does challenge the MK thought process!
    Teresa, come on over on Wednesday nights!
    Mom, congratulations on coming up with a word that the dictionary agrees with!
    Andrew, what’s your problem? Run out of big words on your own, so now you’re copying your mom’s?!
    Mrs. Steele — did Dad and I watch one of these at your house with you guys one summer?

  5. i know i’m not Mrs. Steele, but yes lois, you and your dad did watch one with us, but i don’t remember which one it was.

  6. Yes, Lois… they are the ones!!!

    We hope to see them again some day.

    They are … as you say… thought provoking!

    Amazing, but true….. even though they appear to be only for an older audience……our little ones came away with some good learning!!!!

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