More unpacking

I’ve been unpacking again today.  This time the easiest boxes to reach were clothes and knick-knacks and treasures and keepsakes and things from my room.  I have them spread out on our bedroom floor right now but am not quite sure where to go from here.  What do I do with them now?

I’m married now, and apparently grown up. One of the MDP kids (not a Steele kid!) gave me this feathered orange/blue/purple cotton-ball thingy (I think it’s a flying insect … I think … maybe … you never know!) that is suspended on fishing line.  It has hung off the shelf in my room ever since — a rather odd addition to my burgundy and pink room, but I was quite happy to look at it and smile every now and then.  But now — where do I put such a thing in my grown-up house?!  The house my husband has to live in too?!

I have golfballs, porcelain dolls, halos, pictures, random rocks, souvenirs from my well-traveled cousin’s trips, neckties, candles, ceramic kittens and bears, … hmmm … my room was quite the conglomeration I guess, eh?!  I don’t know if that’s even a word, but Spell Check hasn’t thrown a fit yet, so we’re all good!

I’m not so sure what to do with this growing up thing.  Suddenly my most treasured sentimental ceramic kittens and bears no longer seem to have a place in my new home, though they still have a place in my heart.  Do I pack them away in a box? (like any good Siebert would do!)  Put them out and have a crazily-decorated house?!  Pack them away for my kids?

Oh, the questions of life!


2 thoughts on “More unpacking

  1. Hmm – the challenges of growing up! I know the feeling – some things have a lot of sentimental value, but they didn’t seem to fit in my dorm room, and I wonder where they will fit in my new home! I guess I’ll have to find out what future wife will have to say!!

  2. Wow! Yes, I’ve been through that only I never could or thought to put words to the thoughts and feelings. Well, put!! Sorry I don’t have all the answers! 😦 Some of mine still linger and are in my trunk (downstairs “coffee table”). Others, well, yes, they are scattered around the house. Thankfully no one has complained, except if they have to dust them 🙂 Maybe you would want to confine them all in one room–maybe a “memory room” for yours and Jerry’s “special things.” 🙂 Then you can reminisce sometimes and even pass some of them on to your children 🙂 –so they can repeat the cycle!! 🙂

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