Visiting the Steeles!

Yesterday I drove 10 hours, all the way into a different timezone, to visit the Steeles for a couple days.  Well, ok, so it was only the next province over, but saying it’s in a different time zone makes it sound better, ya know!?  I am visiting Mrs. Steele and the kids for a couple days while my husband snowboards in the mountains with my uncle and cousin.  I hope they all come back in one piece, with no injuries!  My man and jumps have had baaaaaaad results in the past!

Today was full of kids crawling all over me, begging for attention and games and activities (it’s not an easy life, being a celebrity, you know!  I think I might need to clone a couple more of me for tomorrow, so there’s enough to go around!), laughing, schoolwork for them (“What, Mom, we can’t have a holiday even though Lois is here???!” — man, that sounds like me and my brothers used to!), thank-you cards for me (I am finished the eastern reception ones!!!!!), playing outside on the lake in the snow, atempting to skate in hockey skates (curved blades with no picks or extra ends like I’m used to with figure skates equals a Lois learning to skate all over again!  The kids were like, “What, can’t you go any faster??!”  Noooo, I can’t, or I’ll fall flat on my face!  And no, I can’t jump, spin, or skate real fast — I’m lucky if I stay on my feet!), getting aquainted with the newest little Steele (soooo cute!), and hopefully it will end in an early bedtime, because I’m TIRED!  I’m not used to time change anymore — even one hour seems to have thrown me off today!  Crazy, eh?  Pathetic.  I used to do THREE hour time changes, back in the old days when I was young….lol 

I’m in a weird wacky mood, so I should get off here before I say something I regret.

I miss my man.


One thought on “Visiting the Steeles!

  1. Everyone else must be napping. I’m glad you got to visit the Steele’s. Enjoy being a celebrity without letting it go to your head!! 🙂

    Hope your man survived!! I’m glad you miss him 🙂

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