A reponse to Mr. G

Mr. G sent out an email to last year’s MK team, and was gracious enough to include me, so I knew what was going on.  Or maybe it was to make me feel guilty for “abandoning them to be an Eagle.”  Is he trying to pressure me into coming back?  I’m not sure.

Mr. G, you really don’t need to make me feel so guilty by saying I “abandoned” Mr. N.  After all, look on the bright side — no one will be threatening Duck this year!  AND Mr. N can take his new, innocent, unsuspecting side-kick for terrorizing walks runs in the bush with children and HUGE mosquitoes and she won’t even kick up a stink like stubborn wise little me, ’cause she won’t know what she’s in for.

Hmmm….maybe you should send me his new side-kick’s email address when you find her, so I can send a warning…..

I’ll warn her of the dangers of being a part of the MK Team.  The children that will push your to your limits one minute and then wrap your heart around their little fingers the next.  The people you will learn to love, and then will be scattered across the continent two months later.  I will warn her of the isolation that is a blessing in disguise.  Mainly, I’ll warn her of the crazy people who are a part of this team.  I’ll also warn her that even if she thinks these people are nutcases when she first arrives, she will never be the same after this experience. Part of her heart will always be longing to go back to that place in northern boony-land where these crazy people meet once a year for fun, kids, teaching, learning, tears, games, frog candies, healing, and addictive peppermints.  And I will warn her that I’m terribly jealous of her, because I would love to go back and open my jewel box and take out my treasures and enjoy them in person again.   But…I wouldn’t trade my new life with my man for anything either, so…such is life.  She will get the MK Team privilege this year!

But you really shouldn’t make me feel guilty, Mr. G.  It’s not very nice.  Kinda like hitting your hard-working workers on the head with pillows.  Not nice at all.  Kinda makes them want to shoot back with rubber band guns, or water guns.  Kinda makes them want to come back again next year….


14 thoughts on “A reponse to Mr. G

  1. While I am using Mrs G’s access to this scary place called “Choose Joy” (quite the misnomer; from what I have heard it should be called something like “Lois’ gripings or wanderings”) I am writing of my own volition without any nudging from my lovely wife. She is innocent of any ramblings forthwith.

    It seems to me, Lois, that unless I used the actual word “guilt” that any guilt on your part would be coming from within. If you are right in your assessment that I could from my humble invitation “guilt” you, are you not also trying to “guilt” me into coming to this dark, dark place called your blog. Again, I came here willingly to encourage you in whatever way I can, that you are not being “guilted” into coming to PATH this year with or without your hubby unless you would like to come as trainees.

    For Mr N’s sake, maybe you should stay away anyway! To your own admission, it appears that you made his ministry at then MDP quite miserable with your inability to serve freely and making threatening gestures to poor innocent “Duck” which also seems to have given undue grief to the entire MK Ministry team.

    As for allowing you access to the newest member of our team this year (not yet determined), I think that it may be an unwise decision on my part. You seem to have some pent up resentment that you would like to pass on the this unsuspecting person. Me thinks that it would be foolish thing for me to do. And yet, at the same time, you also seem to want to come back again, in spite of the “allegations” leveled against Mr N and myself. I don’t know where you have dreamed these up?!? Not wanting to come out of fear and yet longing to come for whatever emotion drives you, is, in psychological terms, I believe, CONFLICTED! Perhaps you should seek some professional help to deal with these opposing emotions. I would hate to think that your experience with our humble team has given you psychological imbalances. Please seek help for all our sakes. I will try to pray more specifically for Mr Eagles from now on.
    Humbly submitted
    Mr G

  2. well…. I’m not sure that the former entry (NOT from me, but from Mr. G!) was not all that humbly submitted… aren’t you all glad that you’re not within physical distance of Mr. G and Lois – if we were, we’d need to duck! as in hide, not to be confused with Mr. Duck… who, incidentally NEEDS to hide).

    I think the conflict that rages within Lois (if indeed it does) is between her love for me 🙂 and her love for Mr. Eagles… and, alas, though it saddens my heart deeply, I lose. sigh….

    ok… back to being depressed….

  3. Ah,ha – I’m laughing inside a lot. This was a good round. Lois, you expressed yourself very well. And Mr. G., you also very succinctly and adequately expressed yourself. Thank you to you both. I await further developments with anticipation!

  4. Aww, Muffin! As if this is the first time we’ve “reduced your blog to a wrestling ring”! Poor girl! It’s not like you haven’t had any part in any of this fun…


  5. yeah! when’s the wedding!?!

    Mr. G needs to be subscribed to your blog… he was surprised he hadn’t received any response… I’ve emailed him the link… so… waiting with baited breath…..

  6. It is I, Mr G once again! Oh, darkness has developed me, where is the light? I look out the window to see the sunshine, but alas I am attacked by this insistent blackness. Where have I felt this before? Oh, yes, it was the last time I entered your black realm, Mrs Eagles. Oh do let me know how the counseling sessions go, will you?

  7. Mrs. G, his wedding is in just a few short weeks. Too soon for him to be taking the time to make trouble on my blog!

    Mr. G, I am glad you have entered my deep dark black blog realm again. I am sorry it is such a traumatic experience for you, however. Jerry says to tell you thanks for the prayers — he appreciates them.

    And as for the counseling sessions, they are going well. My counselor says to tell you he has had much experience in the counseling field, because he has six sisters he counsels regularly. Oh, and he is my husband, so he does have the added advantage of being able to see what is going on inside me much clearer than a generic psychologist would.

    But he does think that you yourself may have issues that need to be looked at in depth, and is wondering if he may meet with you at some point this spring? Perhaps this opportunity would present itself at Miss Steele’s graduation? I really really really really really hope you’re coming, ’cause if you don’t…well, let’s just say that to be that close to introducing my husband to my favorite bosses but not being able to because they are still another 4 hours away would be torture. So please come and bring your wife!

  8. I want you to know (this is the REAL Mrs. G!) that it was with sadness that I interviewed someone to teach with Mr. Nathan today because our last teacher GOT MARRIED! Did I not warn you not to get married and to sign the 20 year contract? (much better than the 30 year contract my hubby wanted you to sign!)

    So – guess what the new applicant said when I mentioned that we lose teachers to marriage… Oh, good! She must be waiting to meet her future husband at PATH (formerly MDP)!

    You know… I wouldn’t need to be doing this if you hadn’t gone and gotten married…. Me thinks your counselor took unfair advantage! Report him!

    Don’t worry – after a day or two after I get over the trauma of finding a new teacher, I’ll return to normal and not think of Mr. Eagles with ill will… maybe by Miss Steele’s graduation?

  9. Mrs. G — the REAL Mrs. G! — think of your new applicant as a new jewel waiting to be admitted to your treasure chest. Does that make you feel better about this business?

    Just think! If I hadn’t married my counselor (oh, by the way, you mustn’t really fault him for taking advantage of me, because he never counseled me until … well … basically till after I knew I was going to marry him!) then you wouldn’t have this opportunity to add someone else to your treasure chest! You see, I was doing you a favor!

  10. Don’t you just hate it when someone uses your own lectures against you? sigh… I mean to encourage you? 🙂

    Well – I’ll take it as a compliment that you still remember it 🙂

    btw – small world… the gal I interviewed knows the family that you babysat for last year who was headed to MDP last year… which was postponed and is coming this year!

  11. Really!? That’s crazy! Is she an Easterner? Please remember to send me her email address so I can warn her of the dangers she may encounter working for your husband!

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