I like Monopoly with Jerry!

This was a lovely weekend.  Uncle J & Aunt A and their girls and a couple students stopped in briefly on Friday afternoon on their way through.  Jerry ended up going to work at 7:30 on Saturday morning with an oilfield guy.  He was only out till noon, though, so that was good.  We enjoyed the sunshine, went for a walk, and were going to go skating, but the rink’s schedule had changed since Feb.  So we went to the library and got some books and a Hardy Boys DVD.  It was strange to see a Hardy Boys DVD.  In my mind, they belong in books only!  They were actually quite well done, though funny simply because they were so old!

Today we had afternoon naps (yes, we have entered the realm of old people, I think, and played Monopoly together.  I must say, I enjoyed it much more than when I used to play with a certain brother of mine who I won’t name.  Someone really should warn his fiancee, however, that her husband-to-be doesn’t play anything like her brother!  Jerry & I were a little worried about the game at first, wondering how it would affect our marriage, but we survived and enjoyed it  (I did, at least — I won, thanks to Free Parking!)

I like slower weekends, and quality time with each other, when we’re both not exhausted, and I like sunshine and talks with my man and playing my piano.


3 thoughts on “I like Monopoly with Jerry!

  1. EXACTLY! You won, therefore you enjoyed the game. When we played, you didn’t always win, therefore you didn’t enjoy it as much. It’s quite simple really. Besides, I tried not to give you big bonuses on Free Parking. (Yes, I do have issues)!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it! That is also good that Monopoly didn’t wreck your marriage!! I guess Golf didn’t either, eh? So far, so good!

  3. To My Dear Brother Who Should Be Planning His Wedding, Not Arguing With His Sister:
    I was enjoying the game even BEFORE I was winning, simply because I wasn’t being swindled of land and money and then being accused of not wanting to trade. Besides, HE was the one who got TWO big Free Parking bonuses. I only got ONE.
    You are right. It is quite simple, really. One man learned how to play with his sister so that both would enjoy the game, and one didn’t. And yes, I agree you have issues! Maybe you should seek professional help also??!

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