Ahhh…I love being able to play whenever I feel like it during the day.  When the computer is driving me crazy by being slow and obstinate, I can just move over to the piano and play while I keep an eye on my laptop.  (“Hey!!!  It typed two characters!” [it always freezes up when I try to write messages on Facebook])  I like it when Jerry gets his guitar and plays with me in the evenings.  I like playing when I’m messed up inside, ’cause the piano is therapy for me and helps me even out emotionally (Jerry is glad for this too!).  I am so thankful for my piano, for Uncle G & Auntie E lending us their truck to go get it, for a good price on it, and that it survived the trip back (in spite of the fact that it was February!), and that it’s still in tune with itself!


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