It is March 18 and I have been married 8 months now.  It feels more like 3 or 4.  It definitely doesn’t seem like we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in 4 months!

March.  It was March 17 when I first learned, many years ago, that my best friend was moving and my world crashed around me.  I was getting used to the fact that living at KWT meant that friends would leave every year, but nobody ever told me the DIRECTOR and his family were allowed to move!

March 19 stands out in my memory as one of the [many] days I got back on track with God and vowed to keep going even if it was hard.

March 7/08 was the day I sent my man away with the sinking feeling that I was making the biggest mistake of my life.  But God brought us back together 2 months later!

The end of March 09 was probably my most stressful period of time at school (other than the entire first year 😛 ) with something like 7 assignments dues in a week, plus wedding invitations and preparations, plus life and all involved.

This March is one of busy preparation, and yet some of my most enjoyable days since getting married.  I haven’t been working as much, which is not as good for the bank account, but is nice because I am doing what I enjoy most — keeping our home.  I do miss my funny old people, though!


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