Progress! … but not…

Hallelujah, I’m making unpacking progress again!!!!  Yes, I know you probably all think I’m the world’s slowest un-packer.  Yup.  Probably am.  I blame it on 3 years of going back and forth across the country and getting sick and tired of packing and unpacking repeatedly!

But today I went through three boxes of papers that have been accumulating since we got married.  With each move, the Very Important Papers were hurriedly stacked up and put in a box, which I was careful to keep an eye on and not lose.  3 months after our fourth and final move, I find that the majority of those Very Important Papers were able to be moved to The Garbage! (don’t worry — I put the marriage certificate somewhere safe and did NOT throw it out!)

Alas…this was the day I was bound and determined to quit procrastinating and get back down to business with my income tax again.  So progress has been made…but at the expense of my Scary Income Tax Forms.

Oh well.  I DID find receipts I needed, so I shall comfort myself with that knowledge.  And now I shall go to the mail and pray my bridesmaid dress has arrived, or that it will arrive before we fly to NB for the wedding, otherwise there’s a dress company in the States that is going to face The Wrath Of The Bride [the bride-to-be] and Her Maid of Honor [designated spokesperson to said dress company] and The Bridesmaid Whose Dress Did Not Arrive [me]!


One thought on “Progress! … but not…

  1. I have boxes like that – “Very Important Papers” – from 25 years of moving – okay – probably only goes back 12 years – from when we moved to Wisconsin, and then when we moved into our own home… but, I don’t have any current moves (except to Canada each year) and I still have baskets and piles of “very important papers” that get put out of sight when company comes, and never makes it back out… btw – today I’m supposed to go through all the MDP boxes and sort, remember, and repack… we’ll see…

    I’m told I need a secretary… but I’d probably drive that person crazy too… if I had a choice, I’d choose a housekeeper! 🙂 My built-in housekeepers that I managed for 22 years, all grew up and moved out… sigh…

    And YOU won’t come help me sort even my pictures! sigh…

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