Home.  That’s a blessed word.  Especially after an insane month of flying across the country, being gone every weekend, having part in 1 wedding, 1 reception, and a 25th anniversary celebration, putting 1300 km on the car this weekend….

As Jerry & I drove home last night, I suddenly realized that it’s a good thing I married JERRY.  He is a rare easterner who has grown up in a ministry family that has traveled across the country several times.  Eastern people don’t seem to travel or view traveling the way Westerns do.  A four hour trip is viewed as L-O-N-G.  For us, that’s just a short afternoon drive!  I Grew up in a missionary family that regularly drove across 2-4 provinces in a summer.  To be married to an easterner who viewed a 4 hour drive as forever would’ve driven me crazy, I think.  And for Jerry to be married to someone who didn’t like traveling would’ve driven him crazy, I think!

Nevertheless, after this month’s craziness, we are both VERY glad to be HOME to stay for longer than a 3 day period!

I think God knows what He’s doing when He puts people together!


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. My kids still say… “time for a road trip” – it seems to be in their blood! probably as an MK. A comment was made here by our new team member that the phrase, “it’s a small world,” is most fitting where missionaries are concerned.. 🙂

  2. Yup… we like home too!

    But we would miss traveling if we had to stay home for too long!

    Leaving again tomorrow… and then again next week. Will maybe see your parents!

  3. Yup, it’s a good thing that Eastern family traveled a lot or else I might be driven crazy by this Westerner who likes to travel so much. Home sure is nice though. Remember Lois when we use to wonder if God knew what He was doing? I’m sure glad He did and does!

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