Random yakking

I’m sitting here on the floor by the couch, amusing myself while my husband wrestles with his schoolwork.  He has started the first classroom period of his apprenticeship, so now he brings home schoolwork!  I must admit I don’t have a clue how he works out his problems.  The first ones, I had foggy memories of from school, but now he is into the electrical ones that he uses his code book for — I’m LOST!

I went to the city with him today and did some shopping and got a haircut while he was in class.  Of course, going to bed late and then driving in so he could sleep a little more left me VERY tired, so I went to sleep in the car at 8:30 when we got there and didn’t wake up till 11 AM!  I was shocked that I could sleep that long in the car!  My protective husband came out a couple times during his breaks to make sure I was ok and didn’t fall asleep with the car running…I feel very cared for!

I had strange dreams last night.  Mrs. G, you were living in our moterhome (which we don’t even have!) and on your way to MDP, and everything was all messed up because they switched it from up north to Miss H’s favorite place in the world.  And then I dreamed that I went through the Red Sea with the Steele family.  Only it was Micky Mouse chasing us, not Pharaoh.  I was the last one through the Red Sea, and I slammed the door on Micky’s tail before he could come through and catch us.

Hmmm.  Dreamworld is a strange place to be!


6 thoughts on “Random yakking

  1. LOL! First, I want to comment about the sleeping in the car… I thought it would have been fun to watch you sleeping in the car, mouth hanging open, maybe even some drool? 🙂 Our living arrangement is that we are in the very next room as Doug & Barb Nelson – and both Barb and I worry that the other can hear us snoring… LOL at least we don’t need to worry about the toilet running all night!

    So…. if you you dreamed that I was living with you – was it a dream or a nightmare?! Everything WAS all messed up because things got switched, but they’re settling down some now. The worse part is, as a married couple, sleeping in separate beds (when we were young, we could fit in one twin bed, but not anymore!) for 2 months… probably the longest we’ve ever had to be apart like this. The other disadvantage is that I’m farther from the bathroom in the middle of the night… LOL… another sign of old age. :-/

    Other than that, things are settling in pretty well.

    Poor Mickey Mouse! A mouse that looses his tail is dishonored (according to C S Lewis’ Reepacheep).

  2. Glad to hear you dream about us! I think it’s a good sign that your mind allowed us through the Red Sea!

  3. So what does the haircut look like?

    And I agree with Steele kid #1 … it is a good sign that you allowed us to cross the Red Sea!

  4. Mrs. G — Don’t worry about Barb hearing you snore. I don’t remember hearing you guys snore when I lived above you! But two beds? I can sympathize with you on that one! I’d hate it!

    Jerry is taking electrical classes and learning lots and enjoying it too … well … for the most part, anyway!

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