It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, and for once (it seems!) I am able to enjoy it.

I have bread rising in the sunshine on the windowsill.  All my windows are open, airing out the house.

Newly transplanted purple/blue pansies are enjoying their larger home — a hanging basket on the side porch.  The teenage tomato plants Dycks gave me are lined up on the front deck, soaking in the sunshine.  They’ve been rather neglected the last few days, with me working and all.  Maybe now they will forgive me!  The lilac  plant Jerry gave me is sprouting leaves and looking much better than its sad little stick/twig state it was in when it was brought home.

Dinner is cleaned up and put away.  There is food in my tummy.  I do have to go to work, but only for about an hour and a half today — just to give medications at supper, for some extra practice before my first solo shift.  Mmmm…yes,  I am happy 🙂  It is so nice to feel alive!


14 thoughts on “Spring…summer…sunshine…ahhhh!

  1. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your life – contentment is crucial to joy!

    Lilacs…!!!! The small blessings are extra special, eh? I’m glad we never planted a lilac bush up at TBBC – I would have had to grieve leaving that, too. So – I stay content with the silk ones in our room.

  2. Haha…yes Mrs. G, if you had planted a lilac bush at TBBC this WOULD have been a very sad year! Can Miss H bring you some of her lilacs from home? And are you planning to be at Miss Steele’s grad in a couple weeks?

  3. Miss H is living in Nipawin this year, and none of us from our team has been to PA to beg from her folks property. LOL… And sometimes, I’m not too sure about this at all… remember last time? It did have an…. aroma :-). Though, the love and joy she brought with the lilacs covered anything else!

    YES – we are planning, Lord willing, to be at Miss Steele’s grad in LESS than 2 weeks! So – can you tell me? will we need to bring our own bedding for overnight at the camp? and should we automatically plan on twin beds? Looking forward to seeing you and Jerry, as well as the whole Steele clan, including the new little beam (as in steele beam – 🙂 )

    This coming weekend, we’ll be staying at Miss H’s apartment. Because NBI didn’t plan on us being here, they rented out the facility two different times during PATH. So we all have to pack up and clean out all our dorm rooms from Friday noon until Monday afternoon.

    Thankfully, God has provided so that none of our classrooms have to packed up! At first it sounded like Tammy’s class would have to be all put away, all decorations down – but we’ve been assured that we can leave all the decorations up, we’ll just put away some of our stuff out of the way and to protect them. so – we are thankful!

  4. I will check into the sleeping/bedding arrangements for you Mrs. G….. and get our biggest little beam to let you and others know. … Just to clarify…. are you REQUESTING twin beds?

    Lois, I hope your teenage tomato plants are doing well…. I let mine get sun burned on Saturday 😦 …. They still look a bit unhappy. I am hoping that the damage is not permanent.

  5. I quite sure that there are twin beds!!!! And yes, please bring your own bedding!!! Sorry about not informing you of that!!!

  6. ummmm…. Mrs. Steele…. I am NOT requesting twin beds… we’ve been using twin beds for the past 5 weeks…

    We will be thankful for any bed… but if you’re asking if we PREFER twin beds… the answer would be…. ummm… NO! 🙂

    I just wanted to make sure that we bring the right size sheets 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you all!

  7. My, I think Lois is pre-occupied with something else! I’m falling asleep waiting for news!! Ha 🙂 Oh well, such is life. Maybe she has gone on to new things in life!!

  8. M – I think that must be the case! 🙂 It was great to get to know you better. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to say good-bye.

  9. Ya, I enjoyed that visit with you too! Sorry I bombed out on the Dutch Blitz game. I headed to bed very tired. And the next day tried to take a nap. Will possibly meet again some day. 🙂

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