Buying on impulse?

I did something scary today.  I bought a laptop without ever seeing it before.  I didn’t even buy it!  I got Jerry to pick it up in the city after he wrote his final exam (YAY he’s finally done his first block of electrical apprenticeship classes!!!!!!!!!).  But I’ve never seen it before.  The thought of buying a new computer hadn’t even entered my head until less than a week ago.  The thought of seriously actually literally BUYING a new one didn’t enter my head till I got my paycheck last night.  And now there’s a brand new laptop, still in its box, sitting on my desk.  I haven’t even opened it yet (aren’t you all happy? I’m sacrificing, in order to sit here and update my blog!  Actually, it’s not sacrificing.  I think I’m a bit scared to open the box!)

My computer has been getting slower … and slower … and slower … and … even … slow … er …. since leaving school.  I don’t know, maybe it likes NB better than AB?  Maybe it liked the humidity?  Maybe it froze once too many times in our icebox dorm last winter before they finally got the heat working?  Yeah, probably that, come to think of it.  I’m surprised my hair dryer survived that session of life, being used numerous times daily to heat my room, not blow dry my hair!  I’m surprised it’s not worn out.  But, that’s a tangent.  Back to the computer.

It was only annoying slow at first.  But now it’s agonizingly tortuously slow.  As in, it takes five minutes to recover after the screen saver has been on.  Then it takes another 5 minutes to think every time you click the mouse.  That’s just plain old SAD!  My little brother has worked on it numerous times and finally pronounced it old and decrepit.  (well, not exactly, but pretty much!)  He says if I take it in to be fixed they will probably consult their history books to see what century it was from, and all all the computer techies in to see one of the Grandfathers of Laptops.  (well, again, maybe not exactly, but pretty much!)  Technology is a strange world, where something you bought brand new last year is now old, and something 4 years old is ready to be put in a museum with dinosaurs!

So…now there is a new one on my desk.  It was on sale.  My little brother pronounced it a steal of a deal, and said he’d be tempted himself, so I know it’s not junk.  I checked our bank account, and it was agreeable with the purchase.  But it’s still not quite sitting right with me.  To buy a computer within less than a week of the first thought?  To buy one without going to at least 5 or 6 other stores?  To buy one without SEEING it?!  Without agonizing over the decision, and analyzing 40 other computers?  This is just way to spur-of-the-moment for me, and it’s scary!

But…I will probably be going to school again in fall, to upgrade to an officially certified Health Care Aid, and the program I’m hoping to do is online.  And if I try to do it with my present computer, neither of us will survive.   Either I will jump off a bridge, or I will take this thing out to Grandpa and let him put it out across the valley and use it for target practice, like he always threatens to do with Grandma’s!

So…I bought on impulse…now I’m going to open the box and see if it was a good impulse or a bad one!

(and you all can go ahead and faint in shock, now that I’ve posted twice in one day!


5 thoughts on “Buying on impulse?

  1. I bought a computer online without ever seeing it (of course, I had a techie friend help me out so I knew I was getting something good)… definitely one of my better investments 🙂 . Do you like your new one yet?

  2. Aww, my brave little sister. I’m proud of you! Welcome to the world of online viewing. Maybe next time you’ll buy it from ebay!!!

  3. I think I like it, Teresa. But, my old one seems to be behaving MUCH better, with the threat of this new one sitting beside it! I have a hard time getting used to a new computer though. My old one has been my faithful friend for 4 years now, and has seen me through a lot (sniff, sniff!) I don’t know how quickly I can switch allegiance!

  4. I felt the same way, Lois. It took me a while to get used to the fact that Jack was part of the past and Mario was my new electronic friend 😛 . Especially when I switched from Vista to Windows 7. Do you have Win7? It’s amazing once you get used to it 😀 .

  5. Whew!! 🙂 Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor, I must put in a comment. Good to hear you are alive!! 🙂 New computer?? Well, one must “keep up with the times,” eh?! Have fun “adjusting!”

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