There have been quite a few changes going on in our house the last little while.  Actually, a couple of months…just small things.  But very different things.

For starters (and probably the most strange), a bag of chips can now sit, OPEN, but untouched, in my cupboard for weeks.  Jerry is the one that pulls it out, and I may have a couple, but not many.  Milk has been disappearing at a much slower rate too.  Better for the grocery bill, but it’s strange to have the same jug in our fridge longer than 3 days.  We used to go through milk so quickly.  Buttermilk used to go quickly, but since  the end of May it too has taken to just sitting in the fridge.  There are certain things I don’t ever, EVER want to see E-V-E-R again in my whole entire life.  Like beans.  Green beans are fine.  Any other kind — let’s not even talk about them!  Pizza — I could happily banish it from my world and never miss it.  But fruit, especially grapes right now — anyone who tries to banish that from the world would be my worst enemy right now!

I’ve sent Jerry out at random times to buy random things…popsicles, once.  But I only like the orange ones, so come visit and eat our red and purple ones!  An orange slushie is something that sounds really good right now, though.  Hmmmm…. Hey, Jerry???? lol  My husband is a saint, by the way.  Did you know that?  I know that, without a doubt.  He hangs out with me and MP a lot, gives me backrubs, brings me food in bed in the mornings…

Baking bread is suddenly an accomplishment, and if I do laundry AND fold it AND put it away in the same day….I have accomplished!  Sweeping AND mopping the whole entire kitchen/dining room/living room area is also a major accomplishment, one for great rejoicing!  I’ve been working less…mostly evening shifts.

I have a new best friend (sorry Jerry).  His nickname (yes, it’s a him) is “MP” — short for My Pail, and he is always within reach of me.  We have spent a LOT of time together in the last few weeks.  Almost 7 weeks, to be exact.  Did you know that 7 weeks is 49 days?  That’s longer than it rained after Noah loaded all his animals on the ark — that was 40 days and 40 nights. I have great sympathy for Noah.  And his family.  40 days is a long time to wait…to be in discouraging circumstances…to wonder if something will ever let up.

I spend a lot of time these days sitting on the couch — always accompanied by my friend, MP, of course.  I’ve watched more Hogan’s Heros than I ever wanted to see.  Now I’m running out of him, so I’m starting the Waltons.  That should last me a little while!  They’re good distraction.  After watching Hogan’s, however, the Waltons sometimes seem to be lacking excitement.  Where are the bombs, the suspense, the danger, the excitement, the explosions, and good old stupid Klink!?

Another change is that I’m tired a lot these days.  When I get to bed I usually CRASH…along with once in the afternoon usually too!  So I’m going to hit the sack now.  Besides, I have an appointment with MP before bed.   I usually have one with him every evening, late, between 10-11.   Just like clockwork.

Yup, him, and me, we’re tight these days.  It’s a change that I look forward to having changed, hopefully soon.

They tell me morning sickness (I have re-named it 24/7 sickness) goes away around 12 weeks.  That means it should’ve gone away last Thursday at 6 AM, but I guess sometimes it takes longer than that…

Oh, and one more change…I’m almost deaf now.  You see, when we told a certain sister of my husband’s (over the phone) that she was going to be an Aunt, FINALLY, she screamed for 10 minutes solid.  I’m pretty sure I’m deaf in one ear now!



5 thoughts on “Changes….

  1. Me iz happy 😀 . Not that you are sick of course. Dear me, no. But I can’t wait for Dec. 31 😀 😀 😀

    Wanna watch Get Smart? Ryan has all 6 seasons. We also have all 6 seasons of Hogan’s Heroes in case you missed any. And I have all 7 seasons of Road to Avonlea. And Kaylee has all 6 seasons of Corner Gas. Or if you want to read, I can help in that department too.

    Anyway, if you want to take me up on any of these offers, please let me know 🙂 .

  2. I’m home most of the time now, so if waltons gets too boring, I’d be happy to provide a distraction!!!!
    Love you lots and I hope you feel better very soon!!!!
    I think that hubby of yours will need a reward, like an honorary degree, after this is all done! 😆 Keep up the good work Jerry!!!

  3. I’m not 100% sure what happened there, so if someone could get rid of the first reply, that would be AWESOME!!!

  4. Yes, we must give Jerry a medal for his loyal help to his dear wife. It blesses my heart. As to your allegiance to MP, we shall continue to pray that you can part with him for a good long time very soon!! Jerry must have first place! –that is next to God! 🙂 Sorry I don’t have any series to offer you 😦 Sounds like others will keep you well occupied until better days.

  5. Have you ever watched the Road to Avonlea series? They’re pretty good if you can get your hands on them!!

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