I’m thankful I can cut my own toenails

I know, that’s kind of random.  But the other day, as I swung my foot up and onto the counter to cut them, I suddenly realized that such a small, insignificant action is actually a priviledge I take for granted.  This past month I’ve been doing home care (going into the community and giving baths, doing physio exerices, etc.) for part of my workday, and then I come back and finish off  my day at the seniors’ lodge.  This past week I cut toenails at the Lodge.  Such a small thing — yet they need help.  Old toenails aren’t easy to cut either!  Mine are so simple and straightforward — just cut.  No scraping or softening or trying to figure out HOW to cut them…

I’m thankful I can cut my own and don’t need to rely on others for help.  I suppose in a couple months’ time I may have to get Jerry to do them — people love to tell me horror stories of how they couldn’t even SEE their feet for the last 4 months of pregnancy, let alone REACH them!

For now, I will enjoy cutting my own, and I will be thankful for having the privilege of helping others with theirs.


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