Things to be thanful for…

It is a cold rainy day today.  Normally I would not be impressed with this weather, but today I am ok with it.  I live in a farming town now.  My husband was a farm hand for 3 months last fall.  So I am thankful for the rain today!  However, I am very grateful for the sunshine of the past few weeks.  There are few things more depressing to me than rainy miserable days, and I am thankful that most days I can look out my window and see sunshine and blue sky and feel my spirits lift because of that.

I am thankful for a phone call yesterday from a lady in our Bible study group.  She was just calling to check up on me, offer sympathy, and tell me that I WOULD survive!  Today, I am thankful for a visit from another expecting mother — she is having twins this fall!  It was nice to visit and compare stories (like being on the worship team Sunday morning and being SICK and standing up there singing while mentally gauging the distance to the nearest bathrooms and weighing the pros and cons of running to each one, and which one is most likely to be empty….), and and hear from someone who has had a baby here before (she has one little girl already) and get some inside info on the hospital and the Drs. in the city I will be delivering in.  It’s a relief just to be able to TALK to them.  Also, it’s nice start feeling a little more connected here.

I am thankful for a husband who is very patient with me, and comes thundering across the house to hold me and rub my back when he hears me having an appointment with MP.

I am thankful for a few better days the last little while.  Hey, I even went shopping in the city last week!  Going into grocery stores has become a major accomplishment these days.  All those smells — they’re just NOT a good thing, most days!

I am thankful for Hogan’s Heroes, because they have been a very good distraction these last few weeks.

I am thankful almost 2 full weeks off work right now.  It is nice to not have to battle to get out the door and survive work and pack food and mentally try to psyche myself up for the day.  It’s nice to be able to focus what little energy I have on keeping up with the house and getting things back into shape.

I am thankful for income tax refunds too!  Especially because it means I did Jerry’s income tax right, in spite of the fact that some of his forms were in French and I was terrified that I was going to make some major mistake!  And I am thankful for French friends from school that translated for me, via Facebook!

I am VERY thankful for Tetley’s ginger mint tea.  Aunt Gertrude sent some teas back with Grandma a couple weeks ago and I drank some one night when I was really feeling sick (my 11 PM appointment with MP was approaching).  I didn’t throw up that night!  And the next night I drank some again, and warded off that 11 PM appointment with MP also!  HALLELUJAH!  It’s been over a week now, I think, and it’s still working so I’m VERY thankful for it!  Mom & Dad found some in Safeway when they were in the city, so they bought me 3 cans of it, so I am well stocked and drink it morning, noon, and night!


One thought on “Things to be thanful for…

  1. Thankfulness is what God continues to teach me… It DOES change me attitude and approach to life. Looks like you’ve learned this early!

    Glad you’ve found a tea that helps! Glad you’ve felt a little bit better and that you’re feeling connected there.

    btw – I happen to LOVE rainy days – especially if I’m indoors and warm! 🙂

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