A good day

I went for a quick bike ride today, just to the highway and back.  It was wonderful!  Biking along, feeling the wind, seeing the sunshine, being amazed at the fields growing so quickly (one farmer was cutting hay already…didn’t they just PLANT it a week ago!?., breathing in the smells of flowers, freshly cut grass …absolutely glorious!

I feel like I’ve missed half of summer, being sick and inside so much.  Most times I’m NOT impressed with my extra-extra-super-extra sensitive sense of smell (compliments of being pregnant) because it makes life extra rough most days (thank You, God, for Jerry and his BBQ that can cook supper OUTSIDE the house!) but I must admit that I have never smelled spring and summer so vividly before, or enjoyed just being outside so much as I have this year.  I guess the few times I do get out are doubly worth it, because I get a double dose of summer!

I had a good day today, and took full advantage of it.  Baked bread, made extra meals to freeze for days when cooking and my nose & stomach aren’t good companions, baked cookies this evening, boiled chicken for soup stock, did laundry, planted a rosebush and watered all my outside plants … ahhhh!  The bad days make me extra thankful for the good days!  It’s so nice to feel alive and have energy and not spend the day hanging my head over My Pail.  It seems like the sickness has been getting worse because I’m getting worn out emotionally and am not able to handle it as well, but in reality, I think I am having more good days than bad ones now.  MP is still my constant companion though.  I know it’s been a REALLY good day when I lose track of him for a couple hours!


5 thoughts on “A good day

  1. WOW!!! You accomplished a lot! How did you do all of that? I can’t even get all of that done when I’m not sick!!! You’ll have to clue me in sometime! Glad you’re having good days!

  2. Well – I KNOW I don’t get even half that much done anymore… and I don’t want clued in – I just want to watch in wonder! 🙂

    I’ve been learning from a friend who works in the radiology dept at a hospital… she sees many things as she x-rays, etc other people. She has taught me to be thankful because it could always be worse…

    Your emotions are going to be extra sensitive as well as your nose… 🙂 When I was pregnant with Joe, I had to get a root canal… the dentist told me to come back after i had the baby… (the assist DID pinch my lip, and I DID jerk, and the dentist DID yell at me…)

    I remember being so surprised at how TIRED I was when I was pregnant…. what is my excuse now??? GRANDCHILDREN and ADULT CHILDREN!

  3. Haha…it’s called desperation after getting NOTHING done for days in a row, Miss Steele! Then adrenaline and anger (“I will NOT be sick today, even if it kills me!”) and determination set in and I’m like a whirlwind…but only for a while, and I crash again the next day!

    Yeah, Mrs. G — Jerry could have a lot to say about those extra-sensitive emotions to go with the extra-sensitive nose, but we won’t ask him!

  4. Lois said, “Then adrenaline and anger (“I will NOT be sick today, even if it kills me!”) and determination set in…”

    hmmm…. anyone else wonder what kind of a child she will have? 🙂 I have found that what we as parents do in moderation, our children will do in excess….. hmmmm… it will be fun to watch!

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