Rain for the farmers! Thank-You, God!

It is a humid rainy day today (where am I, Alberta or New Brunswick?!), and we got half and inch of rain last night, which the farmers will be glad for.  Jerry jokes that since last fall, he worries about the weather and the farmers’ fields so much, he might as well go farming.  I don’t think he’s as bad as my older cousin farmer, though.  We went to visit him and his brand new wife the other week, and he paced back and forth between the living room windows, anxiously watching the clouds, almost all evening!

A few days ago I wrestled my ironing board open and, with great difficult, convinced it to stay standing and not collapse while I was in the middle of ironing.  Today I attempted to wrestle it shut, and it refused.  What?!  First it wold NOT stay open, and now I can’t get it shut?!  Silly thing.  I was too sore to keep fighting it, so I propped it against the wall and I’ll let Jerry deal with it when he gets home.

Some days I almost have a baby bump now.  Some days it’s completely gone.  Some days it’s here and I’m really super-sore and it feels like I need to hold my belly or it’ll fall out the bottom or something!  Very weird…very strange indeed.  We heard the baby’s heartbeat, and heard it kick on Friday night at the Dr’s.  That was pretty cool.  My Dr. also told me that if I’m still sick, I’m probably going to be one of the lucky people who are sick for the rest of the pregnancy.  That was NOT cool.  The only thing that has gotten me through the last few weeks was the hope that soon it will go away, because I’m past 12 weeks now.  To have that hope taken away was NOT a good thing!  Jerry mopped up a lot of tears that night!   I’m still hoping it will go away, but…the next 6 months are looking rather bleak!


3 thoughts on “Rain for the farmers! Thank-You, God!

  1. I’m sorry, too, Lois… but remember… God is ultimately in charge, not the doctor… so.. if you continue to be sick – which my hope for you would be that it doesn’t – then God will give you the grace to continue. His grace is sufficient for even this… and I KNOW that you already love this baby with all your heart, and that you would sacrifice anything for the well being of this little one.

    Hearing the heartbeat! and the kick! What a awesome miracle of life! You are blessed!

    Love you!

  2. I’m sorry too. 😦 I am praying that the doctor is wrong!
    I’m with Mrs. G, getting evidence that there IS a baby is sooo exciting!!!!

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