Just life…

I enjoyed a pretty good day today.  A few sick spots, but the 24/7 nausea wasn’t here in the afternoon and so far I’m free this evening.  I was going to go to the city today to get a prescription filled (’cause it’s waaaaay cheaper there — cheap enough to pay my gas, so I might as well go and do some shopping and visiting too!) except I got partway there and then realized I’d forgotten the prescription so turned around and came home.  I may try again tomorrow, depending on how the day goes.

We are enjoying the evening at home, watching a movie — Nicholas Nickleby — and even Jerry is liking the movie!  At first he thought I’d talk him into a Pride & Prejudice type movie, but it’s got enough suspense and boys in it to make it interesting .

A family from the church gave us a few bags of kids/baby clothing so I sorted through those bags tonight and re-boxed and labeled them.


3 thoughts on “Just life…

  1. Hee hee! And then there’s her mixed CD friend who wouldn’t mind sorting stuff but would procrastinate a month of sundays before doing it!!!!

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