First Anniversary!

It scarcely seems possible we’ve already been married a whole year.  That’s crazy!  It feels more like six months.  And the fact that we’ve lived here in this town for almost a year now too?!   Wow!  For Jerry, this is the longest he’s worked at the same job or stayed in the same place since he left home.  For me, it still seems kind of strange to not need to be booking flights and packing all the time!

We went to the city for our anniversary weekend and had a lovely time. We slept in in the mornings.  (well, Jerry did…I got up every morning in time to catch the free continental breakfast, ’cause I have Heppner blood in me that requires food in the mornings).  We did some shopping for the Siebert camping trip next week.  (yay for sleeping bags that zip together so I can still sleep with my hubby when we’re camping!)  We ate out (yay for a break from cooking!) We went for walks in the park and watched some teens play water polo in kayaks, something I’ve never seen before.  We went to a rodeo on Saturday afternoon.  Jerry, the Easterner, has been to several rodeos.  I, the Alberta girl, have never been to one.  Terrible, eh?!  So we fixed that!  I still say those guys are crazy.  But Jerry says that for men, it’s not a sport unless it’s dangerous!  Still, when they assembled the 4-person teeter-totter in a corral, put 4 guys on it, and let the bull loose, I had to shake my head along with the American rodeo clown who promptly pronounced Canadians INSANE!  But I still say the the wild horse racing was even more insane!  Those guys must run on pure adrenaline, to be kicked like that and jump right up and keep going.  ANYWAY…back to the subject.  I lost my cell phone, and was VERY thankful when a lady turned it in to the front desk the next morning.  We talked, laughed, reminisced, looked through our wedding pictures to pick out which ones to develop for frames and such (it’s been a year since the wedding, so we figured it was about time!), and reconnected.  My sickness, though REALLY bad in the evenings, lifted during the day so that was a relief.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend .  It was good to reconnect.  Since I got sick I’ve felt like this zombie without a brain.  Real conversation?  What’s that?  And no, I don’t want to cuddle!  It interferes with the bubble I retreat into to deal with the sickness!  It was a relief for it to lift for a while and be US again.


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