Our escapades

Home at last!  To curl up in my own bed, 15 feet from our on-suite bathroom that has running water AND a toilet without flies buzzing around all the time (AND a door!), with My Pail by my side, a light on my night table and a book to read when I’m really sick in the night and need distraction….ahhh,it is heaven!

We have been gone for almost a week and just got home last week.  First we drove 10 hours to SK to go camping with the Siebert clan.  It was great to see everyone again and laugh and play in the water at the lake and nearly drown (ok, so I didn’t nearly drown, but seriously, a weak swimmer with no endurance should NOT go swimming out to a raft in water over her head when she is pregnant and having a weak and dizzy, legs-made-of-jello day!  I scared Jerry pretty bad, apparently.  But I felt safe, ’cause I knew he was right there beside me 🙂   But seriously, it was really stupid.  I didn’t think before I agreed, “Sure, I’ll try it!”), and enjoy the sun and the fellowship and laughter and a tiny bit of buttermilk and even less chips (this poor baby!  I am NOT giving it a very good start in the “chips and buttermilk” Siebert tradition!).  We had 2 gorgeous days of sunshine and warmth and it started raining on the final day, just as we were pulling out of the campground.

I wasn’t sure if I was crazy or stupid to go camping in a tent that was further than 10 feet from a bathroom, but my parents graciously allowed us to pitch right next to the camper, and I could use that bathroom at night instead of facing the scary bears (actually, the sounds I make throwing up in the morning would’ve probably scared THEM worse!).  So the camping experience went quite well, actually.  Except for the one time when wild (or maybe not wild, but definitely rider-less) horses went galloping past our site, about 6 feet away from our tent, at 4:30 AM.  At first I thought the moose were on a rampage and we were going to be trampled to death!)

Jerry water-skied and knee-boarded and tubed along with everyone else on Uncle Phil’s boat, and forbade his wife to take part in such shenanigans while carrying Baby Eagles.  I did not mind having the excuse to pass up such entertainment, though Uncle Phil did take me for one really nice tube ride after promising not to throw me off or bounce me around on my tummy or nearly kill me like everyone else seemed to find so thrilling.  I enjoyed it a lot 🙂

From SK, we drove about 12 hours to BC where we spent the long weekend in the mountains, visiting a family that Jerry spent his summer with in 2008. I’d been out to visit once before .  As I previously described in 2008, their place is a rather rustic setting.  But hey, MKs adapt, right?  Pregnant ones have a little more difficulty adapting, however, and it was a challenging weekend.  The father of the family had the nerve to tell me that morning sickness is all just an issue of mind over matter.  HA!  He’s lucky he’s still alive!  The WHETHER I’m going to be sick or manage to avoid it is NOT mind over matter.  The WHEN and WHERE of being sick IS mind over matter.  I lost the contents of my stomach over the edge of their cliff quite a few times.  That was after a glorious 9 hour stretch on Saturday where I felt amazingly good, did not throw up at all, felt perfectly normal, wondering if I was actually pregnant or had dreamed it up, and then had the nerve to actually write in my journal that maybe, just MAYBE, my morning sickness was going away?  Nope!  That jinxed it!  I promptly threw up an hour later, and proceeded to continue the typical pattern (only worse than normal) for the next 2 days.  We finally headed for home yesterday after I decided we’d better leave before all my throwing up over the edge of the cliff completely contaminated their water supply below!

Ahh…it was a good trip, both to SK and BC, but I am SO thankful to be back in the comfort of my own home, where I have a sink, toilet, and running water all in the same place, with a door, and with no flies or smells that threaten to make me lose my latest meal!


4 thoughts on “Our escapades

  1. Am I repeating myself to say this student of mine has a knack for writing?? You do know how to relate stories and make one laugh. I hope you are keeping these entries for your “journal” endeavors. Just print them and stick them in at the appropriate spots. Then Junior can read them sometime when he/she is bored …. or just wanting to know about his/her Daddy and Mommy’s lives before he/she came along!! 🙂

  2. I’ll tell Junior that Mommy’s life consisted of throwing up (or hanging her head over it) and Daddy’s life consisted of emptying her pail, and that about sums it up!

  3. I think you forgot that there are two parts to add in a “summary equation” You forgot the “positives” in your “sum” !! 🙂 I guess I haven’t been away from school too long, eh?!

  4. My poor sister. I’m glad you’re back to the amenities described above. Maybe amenities is the wrong word – in your world, they would better be described as necessities!

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