No fish flies!!!!

“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig…” Isn’t there a nursery rhyme that goes something like that?  It seems like all we’ve done for the last 3 months is travel.  Maybe it’s the Eagles/Siebert combination, because I know that’s all the other Eagles/Siebert couple HAS done this summer!  I’m glad our traveling has only been on weekends, mostly, and not weeks like their trips, because I get much sicker when I’m away from home.  It’s very difficult to travel and be flexible and fit other people’s schedules when your body has its own very definite schedule and rebels by throwing up when you try to cross it!

Our garden has suddenly started producing like crazy in the last couple weeks.  I planted the first half of the garden in May, then got super-sick, and Jerry has pretty much taken over since then.  I hardly have looked at it most of the summer.  He’s the one who goes and checks it and waters it and weeds it and loves on it.  My role has been an encouraging word from the other side of the fence, and then going inside to lie down :S  So, when Jerry came in a couple weeks ago and said the peas were ready to pick and the beans were ready to pick and we have cucumbers growing and the beets were ready to eat…I was shocked!!!!

I’ve been able to work in it a bit more now…I realized that picking beans and peas planted for a family of 2 is much easier than picking beans and peas for a family of 5!  The first takes a grand total of 15 minutes and 2 ice cream pails.  The latter takes about 2 hours, and several 5-gallon pails!

I have also discovered that working in the garden here in our town is sooooooo much nicer than at KWT.  Why?  WE HAVE NO FISHFLIES here!!!!  Hallelujah!!!  It is amazing to be able to pick peas, beans, raspberries, whatever I want, without a battle!  The raspberries aren’t half sucked-out, and the beans aren’t coated with dead dirty fish flies, and they don’t all come billowing out at you when you rustle the plants…ahhh….this is the life!

Anybody from KWT want to move here?!

(for all you poor deprived people who don’t know what fish flies are, I will try to get pics from Mom and post them at some point.  Just so you can all be thankful you have never encountered them!)


3 thoughts on “No fish flies!!!!

  1. As for the fish flies… I think I have a better understanding of the plagues of Egypt in Moses’ time. And just so you will be extra thankful you moved when you did – it seems we have a second batch this year! Not as bad as the first, but definitely still active!

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