Home with more treasures

I had a post half-written yesterday, but…I’m not sure where to find my drafts today!  Oh well.

We are finally home again.  This time I actually fully unpacked my duffel bag and threw it in the closet, vowing not to pull it out again until next month.  Yay!!!  Being “morning” sick and traveling are not good companions.  Jerry has had to suddenly swerve to the side of the road and stop more than once, and I always need make sure there are a few spare buckets in both vehicles, and that I know their exact location at all times!

It was good to go back to KWT this weekend, however, and go through stuff with Mom & Dad and the boys.  We divided up childhood treasures (books and toys), laughed over the contents of the toy box in the garage (dozens of bottle cap lids for floating down streams in the spring), shook our heads over much-hoarded playhouse treasures that suddenly seem quite worthless (dry sand carefully preserved in a pop bottle, or sawdust in a spice bottle), and fought over old school readers (hey Andrew, you aren’t by any chance bringing that orange reader along this weekend, are you?  Maybe I’ll hire a book kidnapper!).  OK, so we didn’t fight, but the memories and attachment that comes back with certain items is amazing!  We have a wise mother who sets aside those highly prized items until there are three of them, however, and THEN we get to choose.  It helps a lot with perspective!  OK, so maybe Swiss Family Robinson isn’t quite so important to me after all, when placed beside the Little Women/Little Men combo!  My brothers kindly allowed me to take the Little House series, as well as the Anne books.  I’m pretty sure I read the Little House books at LEAST 2 dozen times…way more than they did!  (Andrew & Timothy, you can send my nieces over and I’ll let them borrow the books!)

So now we are back at home.  I am busy unpacking MORE boxes (why did I bring more stuff home!?!), cleaning the house, working, applying for a Health Care Aide program this fall, and doing preparing for Baby.

Speaking of baby, I finally started feeling it kick about 10 days ago, and it’s been going at it ever since.  Jerry felt it a few days ago, and that was exciting too, because I didn’t expect he’d be able to for a few weeks yet.  This morning Baby Eagles was doing somersaults, or do it seemed.  Such strange feelings!  Mostly it likes to kick my bladder, and I’m NOT impressed with that skill!  It IS better than feeling nothing at all, though!  It’s nice to have a bit of a distraction from the sickness, and it makes the whole experience feel more real.  Last week we had an ultrasound, and got to see our baby’s fingers and toes.  Now THAT was really cool!  So tiny, yet so perfectly formed!

Fall is nearly upon us.  Jerry picked the last of the beans and peas last night and pulled them, and then covered the rest of the garden with tarps and blankets.  He’s not impressed with Alberta weather when compared with NB’s beautiful falls!  We’ve been having quite the cold spell here.  Hopefully it warms up again soon.

So…that is our life, in a nutshell!

HEY, guess what?!?!  I have pictures of fishflies to post!!!!  Getting them into digital form and transferred to the right computer will take a few more days, though.


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