Nights are a blessing

I woke up this morning thinking that I am VERY grateful for this wonderful thing called “nights” and “sleep.”  Everything between my neck and my knees hurt SO bad when I painfully inched into bed last night.  I collapsed (well, not even collapsed, ’cause that would’ve hurt too much) in one spot on the bed and didn’t move one inch for a whole hour at least.  I wondered if I would ever feel normal again.  I wondered if I should have gone to see my new chiropractor for a second time this week like he wanted (but I didn’t want — he’s stinkin’ expensive, plus over an hour away!).  I wondered if this upcoming weekend was going to be as bad as last weekend (when I played floor hockey for 10 minutes and regretted it for the next 48 hours till I got in to the see my new chiropractor for the first time).  I wondered again if I should’ve gone to the crack practor again.  My next visit isn’t till the middle of next week.  That’s a long time to be in pain like I was last weekend.  Finally I quit wondering and fell asleep, after my hubby gave me a backrub that eased some of the pain out of me.

With each one of my numerous bathroom trips throughout the night, I felt progressively better and better.  Fewer things hurt each time I got up.  I could get up slightly easier each time.  I could reach a little better.  Walk with a little less pain.  And this morning I feel like a new person (well, relatively speaking!)

I’m so thankful for sleep!  I think God is pretty cool, to make this way for our batteries to be re-charged and our body to heal itself.


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