Little joys…

In spite of the craziness of life, the continual sickness, the aches and pains and stresses…there are little joys.

Like last night, when I thought, “Hmm, I feel really sick.  I think I’m going to throw up” and promptly did.  I was so happy afterward, I couldn’t stop saying to Jerry, “Wow, that was SO nice!!!”

Oh great, now you probably all think I’ve gone completely crazy!  But it was so much easier than the usual 4-5 hours of progressively feeling worse and worse and rocking back and forth in agony and crying ’cause I don’t want to throw up, but knowing I have to if I want to feel better….  It was so nice to just do it and be done and get on with life! I love it when it’s that easy!

Then there is my favorite little joy of feeling our little one kick.  The kicks have changed in the last few weeks.  They’re no longer defined little kicks in one spot.  These movements — I can feel a BODY inside me moving, rubbing up against me, sliding past my hand.  I can feel a definite bony body part protruding sometimes.  It is so cool!  And so weird!  And so amazing!  There was a period of time where the movements changed from defined kicks that Jerry could feel to something only I could feel, and I was disappointed, because he couldn’t feel the baby moving anymore and every time I put his hand on my stomach it would stop.  But last night he was able to feel these new movements and it was so cool to see the look of awe on his face!

It is torture sometimes, in a way, being able to feel the baby right there under my hand.  It’s so close!  Right there!  IN my own body, for pity’s sake!  And yet there are still two and a half months till we meet.  Some days it feels so close; other days it feels like forever!

Little joys…like being able to get into bed easily now.  Since we got a new mattress a while ago we’ve just had it on the floor (we didn’t get a box spring with it, therefore it wouldn’t work on the frame we had).  This past week Jerry finished building a bedframe for it and he and Timothy hauled it into our bedroom on the weekend.  Ahhh!!!!  It is so nice to just get into bed.  I don’t have to lower myself down to the floor, or climb UP into bed.  It’s exactly the perfect height.  I can just sit.  And then lay.  And it’s SO nice!

We have a lovely rocking chair in our living room now.  I found it on Kijiji and met the lady in the city last time I was in.  She knocked some of the price off, because she realized the legs were coming out of the seat and it would need to be glued together.  Turns out that was PERFECT, because if it hadn’t come apart like that, I wouldn’t have been able to fit it in our little car and bring it home!  I am excited to have a rocking chair…I’ve always wanted one, and this one is beautiful, so comfortable for my back right now, and was an excellent price.

So, there are little joys…  and I am thankful for them!



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