Energy!? Wow, yes, bring it on!!!

I am absolutely loving today!  In the past week I’ve worked 3 day shifts that required getting up early, and another partial shift.  Then there was another day I had to get up early and go to the hospital for various blood tests and shots and disgusting glucose drinks and I had to fast an entire FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!!!!  (for a pregnant Lois who’s always sick and needs to eat every 2 hours to ward off the really bad nausea that requires the help of MP, that was a record!)  So basically, this week has been exhausting and I was turning into an emotional wreck.

But today I got to sleep in!  Ahhh, what bliss to wake up and feel rested!  I actually have energy today (I was almost forgetting what that was), and I’m not super-sick, like I have been most of the week.  It is SUCH a nice change, and I am loving it!  3 meals are ready on the counter — one for the freezer, one for supper, and one to go to a friend who had twins recently.  There is chicken boiling on the stove to make soup stock, and that too will go into the freezer.  Now I think I will tone things down a bit and do some quieter activities.  My husband always tells me I do too much on my good days, and that results in a crash the following day.  I didn’t really believe him at first, because I was so desperate to use my good days to catch up on everything that had fallen behind, but…you know what?  He’s right.  I’m finding he’s right an awful lot, actually!  I’m thankful he doesn’t mind if the house isn’t spotless, and that he’s ok with the fact that some days Food + Lois is a BAD combination and he might have to cook when he comes home.  I’m thankful for his patience and his love.

Twins — last week when I visited Mr. Jaycox in the hospital I also went to see my friend and her brand new twins.  They were so tiny and cute!!!  All my life it’s been that I see a brand new baby and my instant reaction inside is, “Awww!!!!!  I want one!!!”  Last week was no different.  Then suddenly I realized, “Oh wait — I AM getting one!  One of my own!”  Hmm, that’s a new thought!

I’m 30 weeks now — HALLELUJAH!!!!  I was exhilarated when I hit 20 weeks, because it was the halfway mark and the end was finally in sight.  It gave me courage to go on.  30 weeks is exciting too, though torture in a way.  The end is in sight — it’s SO close! — but I want it to be the end NOW!!!!!  (who, me, impatient!?  NEVER! lol)  I’m so ready to hold this little baby that keeps kicking my insides.


2 thoughts on “Energy!? Wow, yes, bring it on!!!

  1. 😀 I love the peeks into your life! Thank you for sharing them. And I am so pleased to hear that Jerry is taking such good care of Mommy and baby!

  2. I agree with Mrs. Steele… she said it so well… and first!

    You’re doing very well if you recognize that your hubby is right in many ways… I didn’t do that early enough into our marriage… but now I am so grateful for such a wise hubby!

    So glad you are having a good day here and there! This season will soon be passed.. and another season will begin… 🙂

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