There you go, Mrs. G.  A picture of the MOMMY face you wanted a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, you can’t really tell there’s a baby bump in this picture, so whether the previous baby bump pictures were actually mine or not is still debatable, I suppose!

I am very happy with my new jacket, however.  My husband put his foot down the other day when I was shivering and said, “Lois, we are buying you a new coat in the city this weekend!” whereupon I, being the typical little MK I am, protested that buying a new jacket to last me for 9 weeks was a ridiculous waste of money and I was sure I would survive just fine.  After all, it’s only 9 more weeks.  I went all my first winter in NB without a coat.  However, this is going to be 9 weeks of ALBERTA cold, not New Brunswick cold!  So I was very happy yesterday when I was browsing in the second-hand store and found a coat that was nice and fit me and gives me a bit more room to grow yet AND it was only $6!!!  So I bought a coat.  The MK in me could handle spending $6 for a 9 week coat!

HAHAHAHA!!!!  Just noticed the baby-ticker thing says the baby is running out of room to move and is sleeping most of the time now!?!  HA!!!  I don’t think it slept AT ALL the last 3 days.  It just kicks and elbows and jabs and does the weirdest movements EVER and provides me with continual entertainment.  Sleep?  No, I seriously doubt it!


One thought on “Me.

  1. 🙂 Love seeing the glow of an expecting mommy! You look great! 9 MORE WEEKS? Hey – those will fly by! honestly! You’ve got this, girl!!!! 🙂

    Glad you have a coat! As I was reading that you didn’t want to spend $ on a coat, my first thought was… check Salvation Army or 2nd Hand stores, then realized you already had! Great bargain hunting! Ashley is also a very good bargain hunter!

    as far as baby is concerned… maybe he or she is truly running out of space, and forgot to read the part that says that it’s supposed to sleep most of the time now… be ready – most kids do not do the “norm” – wherever they got the norm from!?! each of them are definitely unique and specially knit together by the Master’s own hand! No two alike!

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