33 weeks!

Every week that goes by is cause for great celebration now, in my opinion…one week closer to our baby being born!  One week closer to freedom from MP!  I can’t wait to retire My Pail to the back corner someplace!  The last few weeks have been suddenly worse…not sure why, but it ain’t fun!

The Dr. I’ve been seeing for my pregnancy transferred me to a Dr. in the city where I will be delivering the baby, and yesterday was my first appointment with him.  I was expecting to only see him once, and then who-knows-who would be on call and actually deliver the baby when I go in, but he says he makes it to about 95% of his births, so that was pretty exciting to find out!  AND it turns out that he was our Dr. at KWT a l-o-n-g time ago, shortly after we first moved there!  How crazy is that?!  He was very good, took time with us, was very understanding, asked us THREE TIMES if we had any questions, and WAITED for us to answer (not just the typical dutiful, “Do-you -have-any-questions?-No?-Great,-good-bye” thing)!  So, all-in-all I was very impressed and feel a lot more comfortable with this delivering-in-the-city-with-a-new-dr thing, and I’m thankful to be able to have gotten in with him.

I’m also very thankful that in spite of 24/7 sickness for the last 7 months, the baby appears to be doing very well and is growing just fine and there have been no complications at all. I think the baby sleeps in cycles — sleeps all one day, and doesn’t sleep a wink the next day!  It hardly quit kicking at all yesterday!

Jerry got the day off work yesterday in order to come to my appointment with me, and we made it a big shopping day in the city.  We came back with the truck loaded full of drywall mud, sheets of drywall, tools, paint supplies, mudding supplies, a bookshelf we snagged for $10, a washing machine for $100 (plus a non-working dryer thrown in) — yay for good deals! — and a shop vac for Jerry (FINALLY!)…we picked out rug, picked paint colors, saw my new Dr., met with the doula who will be helping us with the birth, and were home by midnight… wow….  It was a big day!

Why all the supplies?  That will be a post for tomorrow, because right now I need to get to work and put my kitchen in order and do some prep for this weekend when we are getting more company.  Right now we have Bethany and Kimberly here, and Kimberly’s boyfriend and another guy are coming up on Friday night.  I think they will be working very hard on Saturday, and they will probably want food, and cookies, so…I must go.  And today at 3 my husband and I are chasing off down to the BIG city to check out some more supplies and will be back REALLY late tonight…


One thought on “33 weeks!

  1. sorry your sickness has been worse… but an end is in sight! So happy for the healthy report from the doctor for your little blessing! 🙂

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