I am thankful for a warm home while the wind whirls snow around outside.  The car’s clutch was really sticky yesterday when I had to go out of town for my community shift.  I think it was in shock!

I am thankful for our little baby.  I am thankful that the sickness means there is a little life growing inside me, and that there is a purpose (well, maybe not purpose, but there is a reason!) for it.  It will go away eventually…and we will have a little baby in its place.  I’d say that will be a fantastic trade! I treasure every kick and roll and jab I feel.  That is the ONE thing I will miss about pregnancy!  I never tire of them.  And I admit I kind of spaced out for part of my CPR class today, and sat there just watching my tummy around all by itself…weird!!!

I’m thankful for a home of our own…even if it’s pretty much in shambles right now, with all the renovations!  I finalized paint colors, figured out the square footage, and bought paint today.  Scary!!!  Well, for an indecisive second-guesser like me, anyway!  I finally told myself that two weeks after it’s painted, I won’t remember that I chose “misty beige” over “almond white” anyway, so just PICK one and and be done already!  I’m thankful that Bethany is here to help us with the work — there is no way we could have done it without her.  Well, we probably could have, but we probably wouldn’t have moved in until March!  I’m thankful for Aunty Esther’s help — she’s spent a couple afternoons out at the house working, and I’m thankful.  Oil-based paint and this pregnant momma aren’t supposed to mix right now, so I have to keep my distance from the house for a couple days.  I’m thankful for those who step in to help out.  I’m thankful for Daniel and Torrey painting the ceilings with Fresh Tex last weekend, and erasing the smoke smell the yellowed ceilings were holding.  I’m thankful Kimberly stayed a week with us and helped Bethany so much.  I’m thankful for a good deal on new kitchen cupboards — they are totally going to change that kitchen!

I’m thankful for my hard-working hubby who is basically working two jobs right now — one to provide for us, and one to ready our new home.  I’m thankful for his patience when I am sick, and for his loving care.  He takes such good care of me!

I’m thankful for our Heavenly Father, who also takes such good care of us, even when we don’t “deserve” it.  I’m thankful He never leaves us, and that He walks through the darkest of valleys with us.


2 thoughts on “Thankful…

  1. that’s cool you can find so many things to be thankful for! Amen! I find too that I have so many things to be thankful for. Thank you Lord!

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